How to Make a Leather Guitar Strap

August 21, 2022 6 min read

A leather guitar strap made by StrapGraphics.

How to Make a Leather Guitar Strap

Did you join the 16 million people who started playing the guitar recently? If so, you might be looking for some new gear, including leather guitar straps.

The right guitar strap customizations can make a world of a difference for your playing. A custom strap allows you to focus on playing, so you can get better.

Read on to learn how to make and customize your ideal guitar strap.

Start With Your Current Strap

The first step to making custom leather guitar straps is to review the strap you currently use. If you have a strap, play your guitar with it and pay attention to a few things.

Consider if you like how long the strap is or if you'd want something shorter or longer. You should also think about how wide the strap is and if that's comfortable for you.

If you don't have a strap already, test some out at a store or borrow one from a friend. Then, you can figure out what you do or don't like about a guitar strap to help customize your new strap.

Create a Template

After you get an idea of what does or doesn't work for you, use paper to create a template. You can cut out a paper strap of the right width and length you want.

Now, you may need to support your guitar more, but you can test the paper template a bit. Figure out if it's the right measurement for your needs.

If you don't quite like it, cut out another template and experiment until you find a size you like. Cutting paper templates can also help if you don't have access to a guitar strap to compare.

To help compare the straps, write the measurements on the straps. Then, you'll know what size to look for when ordering or making a custom guitar strap.

Test It With Your Guitar

After you create a few possible templates, try them out with your guitar. You might not be able to play your guitar as normal, but you can figure out how the strap feels.

Make sure the guitar will sit at the height you like and that you can strum comfortably. Try not to make the paper template bear a ton of weight so that it doesn't break.

However, the paper should work well enough to help you figure out how a leather strap of that size would work. Then, you can move on to creating or ordering leather guitar straps.

Choose Your Leather

You can choose from various types of leather guitar straps. Be sure to review the different types of leather and try to feel them in person before buying the material or a custom strap.

Maybe you want a distressed leather strap so that it looks like an old strap. Or perhaps you want standard leather for your first custom strap.

Different leathers can have unique textures and appearances. Some leathers might also cost a bit more, so you should think about your budget for the materials or the overall order.

If you want to dye the leather, you should also consider if that will work well. The current color and texture of the material could make it easier or harder to add a design.

Cut the Leather

After you decide on the type of leather to use, you'll want to buy enough of it to cut the strap length-wise. You can use a leather cutting tool to prepare the leather.

If this is the first strap you're making, cut the strap a bit bigger than you want it. Then, you can cut it down to size if you make a mistake.

When you cut the leather strap too small, you'd need to start over if you cut something incorrectly.

Before you cut the leather, use a pencil to mark where you want to cut. That can help you stay on track and minimize the chances of making a mistake.

Make It Adjustable

One of the best parts of a custom leather guitar strap is being able to adjust it. You can cut the leather so that it only works at one length, but try to make it adjustable.

Cut the strap a bit longer than you want. Then, you can punch holes in the strap so that you can use it at different lengths.

Sure, you may have a length you prefer, but that could change in the future. The last thing you want is to spend time or money on a custom guitar strap only to have to buy a new one soon because your preferences change.

Consider Using Dye

You can leave the leather as-is when making a custom guitar strap. However, consider dying the strap a different color to help make it unique.

If you order a custom strap, you might even be able to request a specific design. You can ask to add a quote, music notes, or another pattern.

Creating leather guitar straps can be repetitive, but the design is where you can get creative. That way, you can show off your style.

If you like different designs, you can make or order a strap with each design. Switch out the straps based on your mood for the day or the type of music you're playing.

Add the Strap Nut

When you're ready to finalize the leather guitar straps, you have a couple of options. First, you could punch a hole in each end and connect the strap to your guitar that way.

However, that's not the most secure option. Instead, consider getting locking strap nuts and attaching those to either end of the strap.

Then, you can attach the strap nuts to the nuts on your acoustic or electric guitar. The nuts can help keep the strap in place as you jam out, especially if you tend to move a lot while you play.

Benefits of Custom Leather Guitar Straps

Whether you make them yourself or order them, custom leather guitar straps are great. Consider the following advantages of getting a custom strap over a mass-produced strap.

More Comfortable

Customizing your guitar strap allows you to make it suit your body and playing style. You can use the perfect measurements for you and how high you like to hold the guitar.

That can help reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries in your wrists since you won't have to bend them at awkward angles. Feeling comfortable can also make it easier and more enjoyable to practice for longer.

You can find good guitar straps at your local music store, and they may adjust to fit your body. However, you won't know that for sure until you give the strap a try.

Express Yourself

Custom guitar straps allow you to express your unique style as a musician or person. Maybe you want a simple black strap, so you can order that.

Or perhaps you love pastel colors, so you choose a design with those shades. Either way, a leather guitar strap is the perfect canvas to help show off your personality.

You can even customize a few guitar straps to match different performance outfits you have. Maybe you have a black strap for classical playing but a red strap for rock.

There are tons of design options out there. Be sure to research custom guitar strap companies to find one that can make your dream design a reality.

Custom Order

If you're not very crafty, you can custom order leather guitar straps. We make custom guitar straps using different types of leather, so you can get the strap you want.

That way, you'll be able to get the exact look and feel you want. Even if you've worked with leather, it can be hard. You have to get the measurements just right for the strap to be comfortable.

Custom orders don't have to be that expensive either. Some custom straps aren't much more expensive than the straps you'll find at a guitar store, and they can be of much better quality.

Recognize Your Strap

Regardless of the material, custom guitar straps are easier for you to recognize. If you frequently jam with other guitar players, you might all have some of the same straps.

It could be easy for you to mix up your straps or leave one behind. However, if you have a unique strap with a custom design, spotting it will be more obvious.

Then, you'll know it's yours, which can help you keep from leaving it behind. Sure, you may not have this issue often, but consider if you ever need to loan someone an extra strap.

They'll know who it belongs to if it has a design or color that stands out. That can help you keep track of your collection whether you play with others or teach guitar lessons and have to loan straps to your students.

Shop for Leather Guitar Straps

Leather guitar straps can be some of the most comfortable. If you want to get the best strap for you, consider making or ordering a custom strap.

That way, you can choose the length, width, and design to meet your needs and style. You'll be able to keep track of the strap and play more comfortably.

Are you ready to start a collection of custom leather guitar straps? Shop for standard leather straps now.