8 Design Ideas to Put on Your Custom Guitar Strap

October 01, 2019 4 min read

2 tone custom leather guitar strap.

8 Design Ideas to Put on Your Custom Guitar Strap

As a guitarist, you know just how important it is to show off your creativity. With that being said, why are you allowing your simple guitar straps to hold you back? You're an artist and that shows in everything you do and wear. 

This includes your guitar straps. So, instead of settling with a basic guitar strap, why not customize your very own? Every time you play, you'll be showing off your creativity through your songs and custom guitar strap!

Are you ready to start playing in style? Grab your notepad and prepare to take a couple of notes. Below is our list of 8 custom guitar strap design ideas that you must know about!

1. An Inspirational Quote

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote that you live by? This could be just about anything. Maybe it's a favorite line from a movie or verse in a song or poem. 

It could also be a quote you and your best friend say to each other every time you're about to part ways. Your inspirational quote could literally be anything. If you have children, then there's most likely something they say to you frequently, or vice versa. 

Take the time to think about what quote would inspire you the best while you're playing your guitar and go with it. Once you have your quote, you can place it on your guitar strap. Imagine every time that you play your guitar, you look down and see the song verse that inspired you to start playing in the first place. 

It's an awesome design to have on your strap and you can pair it with any background color imaginable!

2. Your Favorite Photo(s)

At times, the things that inspire us to reach our goals and dreams aren't simply words. Sometimes, they're people, animals, or even places. If you have a favorite photo that represents one of these items, then consider placing it on your custom guitar strap. 

That's right, you can have an image of your children, pets, or the Grand Canyon on your strap if you desire. Doing so makes your guitar strap 100% unique to you. You can even download an image of an inspirational songwriter and have him or her on your strap if you'd like. 

3. Clipart Images That Sing to Your Soul

If you don't have a photograph of something that calls to your soul, then you shouldn't panic. You still have a few more options. Clipart images are a great way to find a picture of something you enjoy without having to upload an actual photograph. 

Clipart images range from trees, hearts, and food items to snowflakes, zombies, and your favorite superheroes. If drawings are more your style rather than photographs, then clipart images are a great addition to your guitar strap. 

4. Music Notes From Your Favorite Song

Words and pictures aren't the only things that bring customization to a guitar strap. You're a music artist, so why not place music notes from your favorite song onto your strap? If you've written your own song, then consider placing your own music notes on the strap.

You can also choose the notes from one of the first songs that inspired you to start playing. Music notes look amazing on guitar straps and really give them a lot of personality. 

5. The American Flag

If you're born and raised in the United States, then placing the American flag on your guitar strap can be a pretty cool feature. It shows your dedication to and pride in your country. This is an awesome design to have on your strap, especially when traveling out of the US. 

If you're not from the United States, however, you can still show your pride by placing your home country's flag on your strap. Do this by uploading a clipart image or by uploading your own photograph of the desired flag. 

6. Floral Pattern

Floral patterns are in. And don't let all the ladies take this one, gentlemen. Floral patterns are a fabulous feature on any guitar strap and the pattern doesn't have to be too feminine if not desired. 

You can opt to go with a more colorful and vibrant floral pattern or choose something more subtle, such as dark tones or black and gray. The most important thing is you customize it to suit your own preference and personality. 

7. Peace and Love Symbols

As an artist, you most likely know a little bit about spreading peace and love. You do it every time you sit down and play your guitar. Music is an excellent way to send out good vibes and energy, so why not display this on your guitar strap?

A peace and love design is a great choice for any guitar strap! If peace symbols and heart signs are your things, then go for it. If something else comes to mind when thinking about peace and love, then use those symbols to show it instead! 

Puppies and hugs are a cool choice here.

8. Marking Your Territory 

The last design idea we have for you is to mark your territory. If no other design grabs your attention, then you can always place your name on your guitar strap. If you have a stage name, consider using this instead. 

It's a good way to gain more followers and create a larger audience. Your audience will see your name on your guitar strap and are more likely to remember who you are. It's also a nice way of keeping things organized.

You won't easily mix up your strap with someone else's when your name is printed on it!

Are You Ready to Make Your Own Custom Guitar Strap?

With all of these amazing custom guitar strap design ideas in mind, are you ready to make your own? Use our website to begin creating your very own custom straps! We have plenty of options to choose from, so there's something for everyone.

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