The Ultimate Guide To Cool Guitar Straps

May 06, 2021 4 min read

Guitar strap attached to a guitar.



The Ultimate Guide To Cool Guitar Straps


Guitar players are truly some of the coolest people in the world. Believe it or not, some of that perception may come down to how cool your guitar strap is.  

Are you in need of a cool guitar strap, but you're not sure about comfort or style? Then you have come to the right place! With this guide, you have the opportunity to discover which one fits your cool persona. 

Here are some tips to find the most rad guitar straps for you. 

What Kind of Guitar Do You Play? 

First, you need to get a strap based on the guitar you have. So, what kind of guitar do you play? Are you looking for guitar straps for an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, or a bass guitar?

While most straps will work for either an acoustic, electric, or bass guitar, it is still helpful to have a guitar strap buying guide to know what will work best. 

Consider what level of practicality and comfort you need from a guitar strap. If you'll be playing for hours, you want to find the most comfortable option available that won't give you bad back or shoulder pain. 

Playing Guitar Standing Up vs. Sitting Down

If you play guitar sitting down, you probably don't need a guitar strap. You can hold it within your grip and balance it on your lap and legs. 

If you are playing guitar standing up, though, you definitely need a guitar strap. There are different aspects you should look for in a guitar strap, which we'll explore below. 

Best Guitar Straps Have the Best Attachments

Step on down: find the best attachment on guitar straps! 

The attachments are on both ends of the guitar strap and are what hooks your guitar strap onto the guitar itself. These attachments hold and support your guitar's weight. This is why finding the right guitar strap is so important. 

You want to make sure the attachments won't strap out of place and that they can handle the weight of the guitar as well. 

If you look for it, you can find a guitar strap with a lock function that will lock the attachment knob into place. Otherwise, investing in a lock to keep your attachment knobs in place may save your life (on more than one occasion—no one wants their guitar to fall out of their grip and to the floor). 

What Kind of Guitar Strap Material Do You Want? 

There are many different materials used to create guitar straps. Here is a list of the different materials you can choose from:

  • leather
  • polyester
  • cotton
  • canvas
  • nylon

Each material has its pros and cons. Let's explore more below. 

Leather Guitar Strap

A leather guitar strap is classic! It screams "cool" while also being quite durable for long periods of use. 

As time goes on, leather does stretch, so you may need to add additional holes to keep its right fit. 

Polyester Guitar Strap

Polyester guitar straps can offer a lot of support for your shoulders and back. They are also quite comfortable, too. 

Cotton or Canvas Guitar Strap

For ultimate comfort and padding, you can't go wrong with a cotton or canvas guitar strap. Canvas can especially last a long time, too. 

Nylon Guitar Strap

Nylon is stretchy and known for its durability. Moving a lot when you play guitar, such as via dancing or swinging around, you may want to consider using a nylon guitar strap instead. 

Guitar Strap Length

The length of the guitar strap varies. There are some usual characteristics you can be sure of, though. 

You can expect the average guitar strap length to be around 40-60 inches long. 

Then again, you may seek a guitar strap longer than that for a few reasons. If you are a person who is taller than most, enjoy playing a guitar that hangs low, or play bass guitar, then you may want a longer guitar strap than 60 inches. 

The Width of the Guitar Strap 

The width of your guitar's guitar strap is also something to consider. 

Most guitar strap widths are 2 inches wide. While this is average, it pertains to lighter guitars. For heavier instruments, you may want to think about using a wider strap. 

A guitar strap that is 4 inches wide will give you better support while playing your heavier instrument. It will help put less strain on your shoulders and back. 

Choose a guitar strap with a width that suits your comfort level and the instrument you're using. If your guitar is not that heavy, you may not enjoy the feel of a thicker guitar strap. If your guitar is heavier, the thinner strap may hinder you from playing well because you'll deal with more soreness.

Guitar Strap Design

Depending on your guitar's color, you may want to coordinate for style. 

If you get a leather guitar strap, you may look sleek, cool, and contribute to a rock image. On the other hand, rainbow guitar straps are not only cool but also could also be good for repping your LGBTQ+ identity. Leather is also an easily customizable option. 

Personalized guitar straps are always an option, too. Keep in mind that these may cost more due to the fact it is a personalized option. 

Go for comfort before coolness, though! Guitar straps come in many styles. Whether rainbow, floral, or a solid color, choose the one that works best for you. 

The Best Guitar Straps

Keeping in mind pricing, guitar straps can cost anywhere from $20 for a budget strap up to $70 for a higher-end, mid-range guitar strap. Premium straps will cost even more than that. 

Even taking your spending into account, make sure you get the guitar strap that is best for you. Comfort is more important than style, though you may want to fiddle with guitar strength, length, and width depending on what kind of guitar you're playing. 

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