The Ultimate Guitar Pick Holder

August 26, 2022 6 min read

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The Ultimate Guitar Pick Holder 

There's one truth that all guitar players acknowledge. Keeping track of your guitar picks is hard to do. 

At times, it might seem you are misplacing your guitar picks faster than you can purchase them. The guitar pick industry is projected to reach a multi-million dollar revenue level by 2028. In other words, you're spending a lot of money replacing guitar picks. 

But it doesn't have to be that way. By purchasing the right guitar pick holder, you can keep your guitar picks safe, secure, and accessible at all times.

So how do you choose a guitar pick holder that's right for you? 

Let's dig in.

Popular Guitar Pick Holders

There are a lot of types of guitar pick holders on the market. Each style has unique features that can help prevent the loss of your guitar picks.

Here are a few of the most popular styles you might come across.

Strap Holder

These guitar pick holders double as a guitar strap so that you can wear multiple guitar picks right on your guitar strap at all times. 

This is a convenient and reliable long-term option, but the straps can be a bit costly. 

Pick Holder Necklace

If you're someone who enjoys expressing yourself through jewelry, a pick holder necklace might interest you. 

These holders can be worn around your neck as a stylish accessory, making it easy for you to reach for a guitar pick when you need one. 

However, these usually only accommodate standard sizes of picks, and if you forget to put your necklace on, you'll be without a pick again. 

Wallet Holder

If you're looking to keep your guitar picks with you at all times, consider purchasing a unique wallet that has a designated space to hold guitar picks. 

This is an excellent option if you never leave home without your wallet. However, you are limited to how many guitar picks you can store at one time. 

Guitar Body Holders

These standard guitar pick holders can be subtly attached directly to your guitar using an adhesive. 

This style uses a spring mechanism to help you securely stack multiple picks simultaneously, so you always have a few on the go.

The disadvantage is that the adhesive will eventually lose its ability to stick, and it can leave residue on your guitar when you remove it.

Rubber Pick Holders

Rubber pick holders attach to the guitar between the strings and headstock. They do not use adhesive.

They are often sold in multi-packs (just in case you misplace the guitar pick holder itself).

This style can get in the way when you're playing guitar.

Guitar Pick Keychain Holder

This style fastens directly to your keys using a simple keyring.

This fashionable guitar pick keychain holder will allow you to store up to 5 picks at a time securely. 

Using a guitar pick keychain holder is a reliable way to ensure you never leave home without your guitar picks again. 

What to Look For in a Guitar Pick Holder

When you're looking for a guitar pick holder, you should consider three elements: the size, its attachment, and your lifestyle.

The Size

Guitar pick holders should be relatively small and discreet. 

You want your guitar pick holder to be lightweight and portable, so you can always keep it with you. 

It should be large enough to hold multiple picks. Most holders can have 3 to 5 picks at a time. It should also be able to accommodate a variety of guitar pick styles. 


Your guitar pick holder should be able to attach to something on your person so you can take it everywhere you go. 

Guitar pick holders typically attach via a clip or by using some kind of adhesive. While adhesive styles have traditionally been quite popular, they aren't always an ideal solution. Eventually, adhesives lose their stick.

Many guitarists have found guitar pick holders that easily attach to the headstock of their guitar. Although this is a great way to keep your guitar picks close to your guitar, these guitar pick holders can get in your way when you're playing. 

Look for a style of guitar pick holder that is easy to hold onto without getting in your way.

Your Lifestyle

Before you rush out to purchase a guitar pick holder, you should consider which style makes the most sense for your lifestyle. 

If you are the type of person who is always on the go, you should look for a lightweight and portable option.

You should also consider how the guitar pick holder will impact your playing ability. Holders that attach directly to your guitar might seem like an obvious choice, but using adhesives will damage your guitar long-term. It's also easy to knock a guitar out of tune while you look for a guitar pick.

You may find you don't always travel with a guitar but may end up in locations with a guitar. In this case, your priority is to carry a pick. For this reason, a more portable option, like the guitar pick keychain holder, is best suited to your lifestyle.

The best guitar pick holder for you will be the one that genuinely provides a solution to all the guitar pick problems in your life.

The Ultimate Guitar Pick Holder

We believe the guitar pick keychain holder is the ultimate guitar pick holder.

This style is discreet, easy to travel with at all times, and difficult to misplace. It also fits the lifestyle of most guitarists.

We offer a selection of 5 styles of guitar pick keychain holders, each with unique features. 

Camo Green

The camo green guitar pick keychain holder is made of nubuck leather

It holds up to 5 guitar picks at a time and its spring snap closure helps keep your guitar picks secured. 


Our brown guitar pick keychain holder holds up to 5 picks as well.

Made from English bridle leather, this earth-tone colored holder looks great on a set of keys or the zipper of a guitar case.

This is one of three styles that offers embossing as an add-on to your order. Select a font and add up to 3 initials for just 10 dollars more.


If you're looking for a more traditional style, you can't go wrong with our black guitar pick keychain holder. 

This holder is made of English bridle leather and holds up to 5 picks at a time with a spring snap closure. 

If you're interested, you can add embossing to your order, making it the perfect gift for the guitar lover in your life.


The Havana option is also made of English bridle leather with a spring snap closure. 

This stylish keychain holder is the perfect home for your guitar picks. 

This style also offers an embossing option, making it a great choice to give as a gift.


Our distressed guitar pick keychain holder is the perfect rugged-looking addition to any set of keys. 

Made of English bridle leather, it is a fashionable accessory for any musician.

Like all our keychain holders, the distressed option uses a spring snap closure and holds up to 5 picks.

Strap Graphics Guitar Pick Keychain Holder

Our guitar pick keychain holders are a fashionable and affordable option for yourself or to give as a gift. 

The durable leather enclosure helps protect your guitar picks from any external damage. The single spring snap mechanism provides tension, so your additional picks don't fall out accidentally when taking one out of the holder. The small pouch easily attaches to any keychain or zipper using a keyring.

You can choose between various styles of leather and silver, gold, bronze, and black hardware options at the time of purchase. We also offer embossing add-ons for specific types, making these a fashionable accessory or thoughtful gift for any guitarist.

Each style holds up to 5 picks, so you can organize your guitar picks or carry different types on you at all times. You won't need to fumble around or attach anything directly to your guitar anymore.

Our guitar pick keychain holders usually ship in less than five days from the time of purchase. We ship worldwide.

Find the Right Guitar Pick Holder For You

Constantly misplacing guitar picks is exhausting for any avid guitar player. 

Finding the right guitar pick holder can help ensure you're never without a pick again. It's an investment that can save you from the money wasted on replacement picks in the long run. 

If you're looking for the ultimate guitar pick holder, our guitar pick keychain holder is a great option. We also offer a wide variety of guitar straps.

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