Finding Your Own Cool Guitar Straps

August 01, 2014 2 min read

Finding Your Own Cool Guitar Straps



A guitar strap is like the final piece of any guitar, the tool you use to sling your guitar over your shoulder or to make sure that your guitar is right where you want it to be. A cool guitar strap is right at your finger tips. Maybe you already have an old guitar strap lying around but when it comes to guitar straps you want one that’s comfortable and also has an awesome design.

What Kind of Cool Guitar Strap Do You Want?

A guitar strap is like an extension of yourself, something that helps you hold your guitar and helps you play it. When trying to find the right cool guitar strap for you, you want to have a great design, something that helps ignite the passion in you, but you also want to be able to choose what that design is. But before we even get to the design, you want to know what type of guitar strap you want, and more specifically, how big? Some musicians like to have thicker straps for added support. When choosing your own cool guitar strap you can choose from a 2″ polyester strap, a 2.5″ leather (single ply) strap, a 3.5″ leather (single ply) strap, a 2.5″ leather (suede back) strap, or last but not least, a 3.5″ leather (suede back) strap. The single ply leather straps are available in two sizes, regular and long.


Choose Your Own Cool Design

The size and material you choose is really up to you but once you decide on that then you can pick any cool design you want for your strap that you choose! Your chosen image is printed in full color on your strap by using a digital process. The print on the cool guitar strap you picked won’t be ruined by washing it, sweating on it, or spilling liquid on it so you don’t have to worry about getting the print damaged. By being able to choose your own cool guitar strap design the possibilities are nearly endless, now that’s cool.


If you’re looking for cool guitar straps that fit your taste as a musician then look no further and if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us or join us on Facebook, every month we give away a free guitar strap!