Finding the right guitar strap that will stay looking cool and feeling comfortable

August 04, 2014 2 min read

Custom printed guitar straps with logos.

Finding the right guitar strap that will stay looking cool and feeling comfortable

 Remember your first guitar strap? Might have been brand new, with a sweet design and the leather not broken in for years. Or it could have been the one that came with the guitar you picked up for a used price, kinda smells, faded colors. However, whatever it was, used or new, it was still your first. 

Finding the right guitar strap doesn’t have to be difficult, but finding one that you are comfortable with and keeps up with style trends can be factors that are definitely considered. One must consider the durability and flexibility of the material, a design that captures your interest and your audiences’, and be a strap that you will love using for years to come. At StrapGraphics, we not only offer sick designs to get you noticed, but also a variety of materials to cater to different types of preferences.

Types of Straps 

  • Nylon/Polyester: Softer than leather and super durable. These types of straps are popular because they are dependable and run a tad cheaper than other materials.
  • Leather: Timeless. Period. As the strap ages, the leather “loosens up” and, if cared for, can last years beyond a regular polyester strap. Not many other materials feel as great to the touch as classic leather.
  • Patent Leather: It’s leather, but coated in a shiny finish. This sheen catches and reflects light, giving off a glossy and eye-catching glow.
  • Suede: Also made of leather, but often carries a little extra padding inside for comfort. It does not pack into a case as easy as a polyester strap, but the comfort is worth it. 
  • Burlap: When you hear this term, you probably don’t think of comfort or durability, but StrapGraphics burlap has both. With a leather base, it won’t feel like a flour sack. On you, it has the feel of smooth leather but a natural, old school look. 

Whatever choice you make on your next guitar strap, make sure it has the feel, look, and durability you like. At StrapGraphics, we not only offer a variation of types, but also cool designs along with customizable options.

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