Secure Your Valuable Axe with Electric Guitar Straps

August 12, 2014 1 min read

Cool cat image on a electric guitar strap.

Secure Your Valuable Axe with Electric Guitar Straps

Playing an electric guitar is not exactly the same as playing an acoustic. For one thing, most acoustic guitars are made to be played while the musician is in a comfortable sitting position. If you are accustomed to practicing while sitting down, attach a sturdy strap and then try to play the same guitar standing up; you’ll immediately recognize the difference.

If you want to be a well-rounded guitarist, learn to play both acoustic and electric and practice while standing up at least half the time. Doing so may increase your playing opportunities exponentially. A player who can get into the groove while strutting on stage is an asset to any show band.

Every stand-up player needs electric guitar straps they can rely on, whether they are a world-class player who owns a quiver of classic Fender Telecasters or a humble garage band guitarist who’s going electric for the first time. A well-made strap can go a long way toward enabling a guitarist to play for extended periods of time without becoming fatigued. A snappy strap says a lot about a guitarist’s personality, as well.

Now that you’re convinced of the necessity of a comfortable and secure guitar strap, we’d like to invite you to design a custom strap. All you have to do is choose the strap size and select the materials. Use our online design template tools or upload your own images. Contact us for further info about how to order your custom strap from StrapGraphics.