Design your Expression, Express your Design: Customizable Electric Guitar Straps

August 13, 2014 2 min read

Guitar Player playing a electric guitar with a leather guitar strap.

Design your Expression, Express your Design: Customizable Electric Guitar Straps

So you have a wicked sick electric guitar, strap locks, but some generic old strap that you’ve had for years. Time for an upgrade! Strap Graphics’ electric guitar straps are the choicest around for one simple reason: you can design your own! 

The difference between electric guitar straps and acoustic guitar straps is how the guitar is attached. Some acoustic straps have a string that tie to the top of the neck. Electric guitar straps attach to the strap nuts at the base and wing of the guitar body. Since music is a form of personal and exponential expression, wouldn’t it make sense to further that expression with riveting visuals on your strap? Your guitar is a work of art, and your strap should be too!

When defining yourself as an artist, it is necessary to have music, lyrics, and an image that represent your style. Designing a strap could represent numerous things that could be related to a musical endeavor or just you as a person. These could include a myriad of styles and images that suit you in more ways than one.

Strap Graphic offers several different options of material for their two types of straps: Leather and Polyester. The leather straps have suede backs that feel luscious, and the polyester straps have leather ends heightening their strength potential. Both types of straps are able to be fitted with all major strap locks. In addition, this is an all American company based out of Oregon. Due to this, the materials are exquisite and derived locally.


There are tons of straps listed on our website, and even more possibilities once you start designing! 

The best part of Strap Graphics is that there is 100% satisfaction guarantee!

If you are ready to get the best guitar strap money can buy, contact us today!