Play In Comfort & Style: The Ultimate Guitar Strap Buying Guide

October 15, 2018 6 min read

The ultimate guitar strap.

Play In Comfort & Style: The Ultimate Guitar Strap Buying Guide

Aside from your mega-riffs, your guitar strap makes the biggest statement about you as a player.

Your strap should stand out and say something about who you are. The strap you wear shows off your personality.

And it should also be comfortable.

If your guitar strap looks amazing but is uncomfortable to wear during your jam session, it's like playing the wrong chord progression in an otherwise perfectly performed song.

It just doesn't work.

It is possible to play in both comfort and style. And we're here to help you choose the right strap to accomplish both.

Keep reading for the ultimate guitar strap buying guide.

Does the Type of Guitar Matter?

We know your guitar of choice matters to you. Whether it's an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, or a bass--you play it as a badge of honor.

But does it matter when it comes to choosing the best guitar strap?

Yes and no.

You can make almost any type of strap work with any type of guitar. However, there are a couple of differences in "standard" straps for each guitar type.

  • Acoustic guitar straps: You'll usually find only one strap button or clip on an acoustic guitar. It's located at the bottom of the guitar body. You'll use a string to attach the top of the strap to the headstock. 

  • Electric guitar straps: These straps attach with a button at both the bottom of the body and another one at the top of the body.

If you find a strap you love, but it's not designed for your specific type of guitar, make it work. Add a string or a snap to attach it where you need it.

What Makes a Good Strap?

The custom details of a good strap are endless. But there are a few key things to keep in mind when looking for or creating your perfect guitar strap.


Your strap needs to comfortably support the weight of your guitar. Cheap isn't always better when considering your strap keeps an expensive instrument from crashing to the floor.

A good strap should also allow you to move freely as you play.

Make sure your strap is durable enough to hold your guitar in your playing position for the duration of your set.


From nylon to leather, guitar straps come in a variety of materials.

The best material is the one that is most comfortable for you at the end of a long set or with frequent playing.

A basic budget strap won't have a lot of padding for comfort. But that doesn't mean it's not the right strap for you.

The most common standard material for budget straps is nylon. These are good, sturdy straps for many performance or practice situations.

However, when you're ready for an upgrade, go for a bit of luxury.

A luxury strap might have extra padding at the shoulder or even soft faux fur. For cooler temps, that faux fur will provide snuggly warmth while you play.

Keep the playing conditions in mind when selecting your guitar strap. Choose a lighter, breathable material for outdoor sets in the heat or playing indoors under hot stage lighting.

Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber that helps resist heat. It's also 100% recyclable.

If you're eco-conscious, you'll find other straps in earth-friendly materials. Hemp and cotton straps are great eco-options.

But of course, leather straps remain the most popular and versatile for design and function.


The width of your strap matters.

On the thin side, standard guitar straps start at about two inches wide. These straps are ideal for lighter guitars.

If your guitar is on the heavier side, you'll want something closer to a four-inch strap. More width supports a heavier instrument.


The right guitar strap lengths are essential, too. If your strap isn't long enough, your playing position and performance suffers.

Most straps adjust for length. When purchasing, measure the distance around your shoulder to the position of each strap button. That measurement will help determine the length you need for your strap.

Choose an extra long strap if you play your guitar at knee height.


Choose a style that's right for you, your band, and your performance venue.

If you're a classical guitarist, skulls and crossbones on your strap might not be appropriate in your concert hall.

But if you're in a metal band, rocking with some skulls on your strap is an appropriate style.

How Much Should I Pay for My Strap?

Budget is definitely a consideration when searching for the best guitar straps.

On the low end, expect to pay around $30 for a budget guitar strap. You can also find cheaper straps.

But remember, your strap needs to support the weight of your guitar and be comfortable for you. Don't sacrifice your comfort or your guitar's safety to save a few dollars.

A good mid-range strap costs between $30-$70.

For a luxury strap, expect to pay $70 or more. Depending on how "luxury" you go, you can spend a few hundred dollars on a guitar strap.

How Much Fun Can I Have Choosing My Strap?

Well, this is up to you. After you decide on width, length, and material, the customization of your strap should be a lot of fun.

And it should be a lot of fun to show it off on stage, too.

The Minimalist

For a minimalist who wants some fun but doesn't want to get too crazy, a burlap strap is a good option.

A bonded burlap strap isn't short on comfort. The soft leather backside makes this guitar strap plenty comfy.

Also, consider a leather or polyester strap with a simple yet eye-catching design.

Either strap makes a subtle statement without going over the top.

The Safety Conscious

We can't confirm that you're actually any safer using this strap. But for something a little different, try a seatbelt strap.

Old seatbelts from cars transform into guitar straps. Because of the strength of the material, these straps are great for heavier guitars and basses.

The Fun-Lover

Take the fun up a notch with a polyester graphic strap. From funny sayings to more abstract designs, these straps are inexpensive and fun.

If you feel more hardcore than funny, a tattoo strap might be your style. These straps are leather with a tattoo-like design as the focal point.

The Customizer

No pre-printed design is good enough for you. You need to personalize everything about your strap.

Whether it's your name, your band's name, or a personal statement and design, make your own design and have your guitar strap custom-made.

Design your own or let us help you. Either way, your guitar strap will be one-of-a-kind for the ultimate personal performance statement.

If you're not sure what you want for your strap, look for inspiration on Pinterest.

You can also recreate a strap from your favorite guitar players attached to famous, well-recognized guitars.

Make your own statement. But inspiration can come from anywhere.

Strap Locks

Once you find or create your perfect strap, it needs to stay attached to your guitar while you play.

If you're worried about making sure your strap stays hooked to your guitar, consider a lock. Strap locks are a good idea for making sure a strap stays attached even if it's not designed for your guitar.

There are a variety of locks to choose from and each one works differently. The best lock is the lock you prefer for your setup.

The Schaller Security Strap Lock is one of the most common strap locks. A small screw replaces the strap buttons on your guitar. The other piece attaches to your strap and locks into the screw.

Your strap is secure through your performance. And it releases quickly when you're ready to set your guitar aside.

Locks like these helps make any strap work for your guitar.

You never want a sudden movement or big power chord to dislodge your guitar from your strap and ruin a musical moment.

A Guitar Strap Makes a Great Gift

For holidays, birthdays, or performance milestones, guitar straps make a great gift for your friends, family, or bandmates.

A guitar strap is an accessory on display throughout a performance. What better way to support a musician's dream than to give them a strap that represents who they are.

Help them design their own or give them something you know they'll love.

Choose Your Guitar Strap for Comfort and Style

Don't settle for one or the other. Your guitar strap is an important decision! Choose one that provides both comfort and style.

If you play a lot of gigs or play in different situations, consider more than one strap. If one strap doesn't work for all that you do with your guitar, it's okay to have a different strap for different occasions.

We're happy to help with tips and tricks for your guitar straps. And we'd love to design the perfect straps for your needs.

Contact us to get started making amazing music with your new guitar strap.