How to Choose a Cool Guitar Strap

October 28, 2018 6 min read

Guitar player shredding on the guitar, wearing a cool guitar strap.

How to Choose Cool Guitar Straps

Are you a new guitar player? It's one of the most popular instruments of choice, after all, with over 50 million people playing it. Millions more state they want to learn it more than any other instrument.

Before you move forward, keep in mind your guitar is only one part of the setup. You'll also need a good guitar strap to play properly.

These straps help you hold the guitar up, keep it in a proper position for playing, and ensure you won't drop it by accident. Cool guitar straps can also help you look great while performing, too.

There are a lot of ways you can buy a guitar strap but how do you choose the best one for you? Read on and find out more.

The Types of Guitar Strap Locks

Before you consider the kind of guitar straps you'll use, you need to think about your strap locks. It won't prevent straps from breaking when they're cheap, but it can stop it from slipping. If you want to get the best strap locks around, make sure to do your research.

Some strap locks come with their own pre-attached straps, so keep this in mind. Here are the types available in the market. You can find them in most guitar shops.

1. Button Locks

This type of lock is more convenient since it's easy to pop on and off. This is a good choice if you're utilitarian and want comfort. But if you're focused on instrument aesthetics, you might not like them that much.

The locks look unattractive due to the fact that they're bulky and often make loud noises when they jiggle. A good alternative to this lock is slide in straps since it doesn't make noise and are much smaller. Their main drawback is the maintenance since most have screws on top of the locking mechanism which can come loose sometimes.

If you're reckless, you might end up losing some of the parts without noticing.

2. Clipping Strap Locks

This type of strap is a little smaller compared to its button lock counterpart. This makes it quite a bother since they're made for a single strap. What this means is you're no longer allowed to remove your strap completely.

The buckles attach the ends, which makes them hang over all the time. With this, you need to get used to the feeling of having a plastic buckle on your back. Otherwise, it's a good choice if you want more permanence with your straps.

How to Choose the Best Handmade Guitar Straps

Your guitar strap gives you lots of control for your instrument. It makes you play it easier no matter what situation you're in. Furthermore, it makes people see your personality when you're doing your jam sessions or live performances.

Here are some of the things you should consider when picking the right straps:

1. The Type of Guitar You're Playing

Most guitar players often have no idea there are subtle differences between the straps they're using.

The variations are often so small that you often don't notice it. In a general sense, you can use straps for all three types of guitars (acoustic, electric, bass), but some strap models work better with specific guitars.

If you're a bass guitar player, you need longer, bulkier, and pricier straps. The reason behind this is the fact you have a larger, heavier instrument. Acoustic and electric guitars won't need as much comparison aside from the way you attach the strap.

Electric guitars often use two strap buttons on the body. This makes attachment easier and more convenient. Meanwhile, acoustic guitars only have one strap on the body's bottom, meaning you need a string to attach the other strap side to the headstock.

2. The Material

Before, you were limited to the number of material choices you have for your strap. Thankfully, as technology and trends advanced, more and more options become available to you. There are still a lot of classic choices out there, with the most popular being leather guitar straps.

If you want to explore, you can try using nylon, plastic, cotton, and more. What you need to remember is your strap choice depends on your guitar usage. For example, if you're in hot, humid areas, you might not want to use leather as it gets damaged faster.

The bottom line is that guitar straps will always have pros and cons. It's important to know which ones give you the most benefit depending on your playing habits. Consider it before deciding the material best suited to you.

3. The Color

Colors can show off your personality and individuality. There is a psychology behind colors which could let you or your audience feel a certain emotion. In other cases, you can buy straps that don't attract much attention, like black or dark brown.

When you're on stage, you can make people notice you more by getting straps with bold, flashy colors. Any straps will do except the ones mentioned above. In the end, it's a matter of personal preference, so get one that fits your style or your band's overall aesthetics.

4. The Customization

While color is often enough to show off your artistic personality, customizing it makes the strap you in every sense of the word. What this means is that you need to stop buying the standard ones in the market. Instead, go for a strap customized for your own style and needs.

Aside from the unique structure, you can add designs that showcase yourself. Get those patterns or words that make up your own self. If you're part of a band, you can always include your band name on your guitar strap.

There are a lot of ways you can customize your guitar strap. Always remember your goal is to make your strap look and feel like what you want. This is the best way for your guitar to become cooler and more radical.

5. The Durability

A guitar strap might be cool, but if it breaks within the first few weeks, it isn't worth having. What this means is that you need to make sure your strap can handle the type of guitar you have. To know this, you should get the weight of your instrument first.

The average weight of guitars is between 6-12 pounds. The exact weight has variations depending on the specific guitar type you have. With this, you need to avoid guitars that can't handle the weight of your instrument.

You don't want to risk yourself or your instrument. If it isn't durable enough, it will snap at some point, even while you're performing. At best, you'll get into an embarrassing situation -- at worst, you get injured and your instrument gets destroyed.

If your guitar is light, make sure to get a thinner strap. Otherwise, you need thick, durable straps for heavier instruments. Always remember to ask your strap seller for advice, especially once you know how much your guitar weighs.

6. The Comfort

If you're buying your straps from online stores, you might not have the means of testing it before buying it. But, most offer refunds so it's better to get it from these sellers. The best way to get your straps is by going to a store and testing it out first.

Guitar straps can have all the things you need from it. It can have the right material, color, and design that speak your individuality. But if you aren't comfortable with your strap, you'll end up not using it at all.

There are a lot of factors which determine your comfort. The length, width, and material are some of the ones that can affect you. That's why it's important to try the guitar strap on before you spend money.

7. The Reviews

If you're not sure on how to choose your straps, you can read some online reviews. Don't get overwhelmed by the choices. Get people's opinion about the straps you're interested in.

There are a lot of websites out there offering reviews. Often, you can overlook local stores in favor of the big companies in the industry. But, if you read online reviews, you might see your local businesses have good products, too.

If lots of people say bad things about the strap you're interested in, avoid it and try somewhere else. Always go for the ones with a lot of positive reviews. Remember, online reviews are your guides in getting the right strap for you.

Get Cool Guitar Straps Today!

Don't forget your guitar strap is a big part of your ensemble. It's often overlooked, but in most cases, it can make or break your stage presence. Choosing the right one for your personality and style ensures consistency while giving you comfort and security.

Do you want to make your own cool guitar straps?

Check out our guide to make the ultimate strap that looks, fits, and feels great for you. It's especially great if you have the artistic skills to make great designs letting you express who you are.