Why cool guitar straps Speak a Thousand Words

August 16, 2014 1 min read

A cool green logo guitar strap.

Why cool guitar straps Speak a Thousand Words 

Like anything you wear as a musician whether in front of a small or big crowd or simply performing for friends, guitar straps speak a thousand words about you and your personality, traits and characteristics.  By choosing one that is unique and that personifies the ultimate message of your music, cool guitar straps, are those that stand out and help to maintain and represent your image.

 Think of a guitar strap as a needed piece of clothing.  For most of us, shopping for clothes, we tend to choose items we need but items that express certain characteristic traits.  For instance, choosing shirts with certain designs that define the way we see ourselves, or shirts with expressions that convey our feelings.  Guitar straps happen to have the same effect.  Why and how you ask?  Because social research suggest that musicians, talent and their appearance has a huge effect on the observer and audience.  With all that scrutinizing, why not add a cool piece to your guitar  that represents the dedication, care and hard work you put into your abilities as an artist.  With a quality crafted, custom made strap, you show an audience that you are a dedicated musician, taking pride and care in maintaining your guitar which like you, needs proper care and accessories in order to rock.

Have questions on how you can find a cool strap for your awesome rock n’ roll needs? contact us and we can be sure to help you choose a design that meets your unique demands.  Carry your guitar with confidence- get the attention you deserve.