What Type Of Guitar Straps Should You Choose?

July 24, 2014 2 min read

Orange polyester guitar strap on a white guitar.


What Type Of Guitar Straps Should You Choose?

Buying guitar straps may not be quite as fun as picking out a new guitar, however since a strap is important if you ever want to stand up whiling playing buying one just may rank up there.  There is a huge selection of guitar straps available that range in color, material and style, so picking the perfect one may be a hard choice, especially if this is your first time having to buy a decent strap. Most straps on the market today are made out of nylon, polyester or leather, and here we will explore the differences in the three options. 


Nylon straps are thin and lightweight, with slick feel that make it easier to slide your guitar on and off easily if you ever need to. Most nylon straps are 2 inches wide, and the length can be changed as needed. Of course, most nylon guitar straps come in any color or design you could want. Additionally, if your shoulders hurt from wearing a strap you can easily find a padded nylon strap that has extra padding around the shoulder area to offer more support with a comfortable feel.


Beginner guitar players will usually start with a polyester strap; they are cheap, lightweight and durable. Polyester straps are close in weight and size as nylon straps, but they are not as slick so they will not slide around your shoulders as you sway to the music. Polyester straps are good to use until your body gets adjusts to the feel and weight of a guitar and once you feel that you can stand up without hunching your shoulders inwards then you can decide what type of strap will work the best for you. Most polyester straps are 2 inches wide just like nylon ones.  They come in every color available and a ton of designs.


One of the sturdiest guitar strap materials is leather. Leather will last the longest, offer the most strength and take a beating. They also can have awesome designs inscribed into the leather. Leather straps are anywhere from two to 4 inches wide and an adjustable length. The only bad thing about a leather guitar strap is that it needs to be broke in, and that can take a while depending how often you use your guitar. To make breaking in a leather strap easier, when you are not wearing it, hold it in your hands and flex it back and forth, you want it supple and smooth like an old baseball glove.

Nylon, polyester and leather all have their fine points, and can all be customized to fit any guitarists moods, so you just need to find the strap you feel the most comfortable with and enjoy your music. Contact us anytime for more information about guitar straps and the various choices you have.