These Rockin’ Romantic Gifts for Guitar Players are Perfect for Valentine’s Day

February 02, 2017 5 min read

Perfect gift for a guitar player is a leather guitar strap.

You’d probably rather be rockin’ your Strat than having to think about Valentine’s Day gifts. Or, maybe you’re in love with a guitar player and you’d rather be rockin’ his or her “Strat” than thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts.

Hey, we get it. Time is short. Gotta rock it till the grave calls, right?

That’s why we’re here for you. To give you a one-stop place to find what you need.

Guitar players actually aren’t that hard to shop for. But sometimes you need a little suggestion to knock the cobwebs out of the old creative gift-giving section of your brain.

We’ve got the gifts for guitar players list to top all lists. And by the time you finish this blog article, you’ll already know what you’ll get for your special music lover.

1. Gifts For Guitar Players: Customize A Strap

Guitar players like to strap it on. And, unless, they are sitting down, they have to strap it on. Their guitar, that is. Wait…what did you think we were talking about?

Your special music lover will totally be down for a strap custom designed by you. You can add whatever image or design or text you want.

You could even put pictures of your, your adventures together, or even their very own favorite artist.

Custom straps are the perfect gifts for guitar players, even aspiring guitar players. Everybody need a strap for their guitar. Here’s your chance to help your love stand out amongst the band.

2. The Guitar Pick Punch

Is your love constantly losing their guitar picks? I know we are. Dropping them inside the guitar, into the heat register. And sometimes our cat even steals them, we swear.

This is why the guitar pick punch is a perfect gift for guitar players. You can make replacement picks out of pretty much any sturdy material.

Thank god we kept all those old AOL CDs from the 90s. They make the most awesome guitar picks.

3. The Guitar Sidekick Smartphone Mount

Paper is so 20th century, man. Why would you even bother carrying around reams of paper just so you could play music? Music stands? What’s that?

Most of the time, we’re storing tabs and music on our phones. Which is probably why guitar players are buying stocks in human augmentation services. (Actually, we don’t know that, but it would make sense.)

Instead of giving your love an expensive third-arm surgery that might get botched anyway, why don’t you give them the Guitar Sidekick?

This sleek little mount attaches to the headstock right where you’d be able to see the screen while you play. These gifts for guitar players just keep getting better and better, don’t they?

4. The Closet Guitar Hanger

Does you guitarist live in a zero bedroom studio with only a little bit of closet space? Too bad there aren’t any gifts for guitarists that would help them maximize their space and protect their beloved guitar from harm.

Oh, wait, there is. The Closet Guitar Hanger.

They can now hang their guitar between all those soft leather jackets you so love the smell of.

5. A Guitar Pillow

Looking for something for that little guitar hero in your family? How about a guitar pillow with sequins?

What other gifts for guitar players let them play even into their dreams? Well, you know, you could cuddle with your guitar, but that would be mondo uncomfortable and your drool is probably not so great for the finish.

6. Canned Guitar Picks

Help your love with a gift for when plastic becomes scarce. Hell, you could buy them boxes of these things and they may not be enough for when the end of the world arrives.

Canned Guitar Picks from Whipping Post are the gifts for guitar players who are also preppers.

Does your loved one have a fully stocked bunker under the house? Bet they didn’t think of canned guitar picks to add to their canned goods.

7. A Guitar Shirt You Can Play

Ok, so this is kind of one of those gifts your kids might resent you for getting your husband. In essence, it’s totally a dad gift.

But don’t come after us when your kids burn it in exasperation. Your husband may love the fact that he can play “Highway To Hell” on his t-shirt all they way to your mother’s this summer, but you might regret it.

8. A Guitar Coffee Mug

A lot of us guitar lovers aren’t morning people. We need out coffee.

Why not give your lover the gift of notation with a twisted guitar on the side?

Guitar coffee mugs also make great gifts for guitar players who teach. They can show off their love of music and guitars while stimulating those brain cells. God knows their need all of them to resist throwing some students out the window.

9. The Picker’s Wallet

So, we’ve established that guitarists lose their picks all the time.

And sometimes you just need a pick on the fly. Plus, picks just aren’t designed like pencils or drumsticks.

You can’t just stick them behind your ear and forget about them. You need someplace to keep them just in case. Someplace safe where you won’t lose them and they are easily accessible.

Giving your guitarist a wallet with a secret pocket designed specifically for their pick might be the best thing you could ever do for them. Especially for the dreamers who have their heads in the clouds.

Just tell them to be careful what material they use to make their picks. If you gave them the pick punch, tell them to make them out of something not very magnetic.

You don’t want them unable to pay for that next rock show, do you?

10. A Gift Certificate To Strap Graphics

If you have no idea what to get your guitarist, never fear! As we pointed out above, a strap is always a great idea. And you may not be the creative type, so a custom strap designed by you might be the worst idea in the world.

But you know your lover could totally design their own strap. So why not get them a gift certificate to Strap Graphics so they can do that?

See, gifts for guitar players is as easy as picking from a list. Really, the only way to screw it up is to just get nothing.

What are the best gifts you’ve either received from or given to a guitarist? Let us know in the comments below. And, as always, keep rockin’ those tunes.