The Ultimate Guide Of Different Ukulele Straps

August 30, 2019 4 min read

Prink ukulele strap attached to a ukulele.


 The Ukulele is becoming one of the more popular instruments for beginners.

Known for its sweet and mellow Hawaiian tones and simple design, the Ukulele is the perfect instrument to gift a young musician. Not to say that a seasoned vet couldn't find joy out of this tiny nylon-stringed guitar-style instrument.

It's great because it sounds refreshing and cool, but it's also light and transports easily. But, we're not going to just be discussing the virtues of the uke today. This post is all about ukulele straps. Once you learn how to play, perform in front of audiences.

Musicians like Jake Shimabukuro have really popularized the ukulele and made it possible for young ukulele players to dream big. When you play, you will need a strap, but it's not so simple as just buying one.

Your strap has to be comfortable around your neck and back, but it should also look cool and rest the ukulele at a good height so you can play the way you want. Here, we'll go over some different styles so you can choose one that's best for you. Let's get started.

Ukulele Straps: A Guide

Not all ukulele players need to use straps. The uke is a relatively light instrument, so you might find it more comfortable going strapless. If you're coming from a guitar or bass background, though, you'll want to use a strap to ensure comfort.

Here are your choices.

2-Inch Soft Polyester Strap

Our 2-inch polyester strap is the same basic construction as our guitar straps of the same kind, only 10-inches shorter. It's a perfect and affordable option for a ukulele with button attachments on the body, so all you have to do is pop it on and you're all set to play.

It's got soft polyester webbing, and it's adjustable, so you can hone in on your comfort zone. Not to mention, with our custom strap making service, you can let your personality shine with a design of your choosing.

1-Inch Soft Polyester Strap

The 1-inch version of our polyester straps fit around the player's neck and has a sound hole attachment that you clip on the ukulele. There's no drilling required and if you don't have strap-buttons, this is the way to go.

It has the same soft polyester webbing and adjusts to any length between 20 and 36-inches, so you still get to find your sweet spot for playing.

The small plastic hook attachment is durable but will clip easily and safely on to the soundhole of the ukulele, so you don't need to worry about any damage to it. Once again, with our screen-printing service, you can customize the look of your 1-inch strap to show off your favorite design.

Leather Padded

If you find straps uncomfortable, you could always try a leather-padded strap. This is a leather strap that adds a thick layer of padding in the area where the strap rests on your neck and shoulders.

You often see this style used by guitar players that play exceptionally heavy guitars or basses. Usually, this isn't a necessary route to take with ukuleles since they're a fraction of the weight of a guitar, but if you prefer it, by all means, treat yourself.

Hooks, Clips or Ties

Ukuleles come with many different bells and whistles. When it comes to strap compatibility, you're going to have buttons on the body, a buttonhole at the end of the body, or no room for buttons at all. Here, you've got to drill into the body to fit a strap button on.

What your ukulele is working with will help you figure out which kind of strap to get. If you've got or are able to put a button on the body of your ukulele, then you can get a regular, guitar-like strap. You may have to put some ties through the end of the strap to tie it to the head of the ukulele.

If you've got no holes or buttons to work with, then you must get a strap with hooks or clips to attach the strap to the soundhole of your ukulele. Let the uke do the deciding!

Make It Custom

What's most important when you're choosing your ukulele strap is letting your personality come through. Hopefully, your playing will do this as well, but you can really help tell your audience what kind of player you are with what you put on your strap.

If you're all about the playing, you can go with a solid color and keep your ukulele show distraction-free. But maybe you've got a favorite artist or band that you want to pay homage to with your strap. The beauty of the soft polyester strap is that you can display whatever you want on it.

At Strapgraphics, we've got a special design tool on our website that allows you to choose your strap style and start creating your next ukulele strap. You can quickly and easily choose your length, background color, and add any images or text to your strap then preview and purchase your strap.

From there, we'll start working on your strap and have it ready for shipping with 5-7 business days. Once you've got your strap, you can finally play your uke in style.

Strap Up ASAP

Now that you know how easy and fun it is to create custom ukulele straps, head over to Strapgraphics, your home for custom polyester ukulele and guitar straps. Life's too short to play without a cool custom strap and for an affordable price, you can get an original one that you'll have forever.

If you found this post helpful, come back and visit our blog to read more about choosing the right ukulele or guitar strap and how to care for and attach your strap for the best results.