The Luxury of Leather Guitar Straps

July 13, 2014 1 min read

Guitar Player on stage playing his guitar.

The Luxury of Leather Guitar Straps

 Most of us are always on the hunt for a guitar strap that combines the oh-so-important need for comfort with our craving for flair. Considering the hours spent practicing, performing, and generally hunting for inspiration, this shouldn’t be too much to ask. Leather guitar straps offer a limitless range of design with the ultimate comfort and durability. Invest in a leather strap and never look back; you won’t regret it.

 There’s a leather strap for every preference. If you like the sleek, classic look and soft comfort conjured by the words “patent leather,” then try a rounded glossy black. Retro could be more to your style, with rainbow lines or square prints. Then again, it might be that you want edgy all the way, so look out for your skulls and bones.

For the passionate guitar player, a strap that adds to the overall playing experience is the best kind of strap. Adjustability allows you to find the perfect balance. Choosing a width that suits your shoulder ensures that long sessions won’t cause aches and pains. The soft quality of the leather helps protect against irritation.

Function is important, but style inspires. If you’re looking for the truly unique to compliment optimal comfort, take the plunge and customize your strap. Add a suede back for extra softness, or go for a full-color print of the icon who inspired you to start playing in the first place. 

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