How to Fix a Broken Guitar Strap Button

August 30, 2019 4 min read

Guitar Strap Button on a Acoustic Guitar.

Play the guitar? Do you play for fun, for YouTube fame, or professionally?

Regardless of your reasons, you’ll need a good guitar strap to make carrying and holding your guitar easier. But sometimes, your guitar strap button can break. When that happens, you might not have the time to get it replaced or repaired.

That’s why in this guide, you’ll learn how to fix a broken guitar strap button.

Fixing a Loose Strap Button

You can turn and wiggle a loose strap button in place. It happens since the screw is stripping the guitar body’s threads. But the good news is that it might still be secure enough to carry the weight of your guitar without the risk of getting popped out.

A slightly loose strap can still give enough grip on the guitar, making it difficult to pull out. But the problem is that it won’t be stable. Regardless, it’s still a good sign since it means you haven’t stripped the threads yet.

The strap button’s screw hole likely expanded for a variety of reasons. The most common one is the wiggling motion of the strap button screw. Here are some ways you can fix a broken guitar strap button when it’s just slightly loose:

1. Use a Toothpick

Most people don’t expect this solution, but using a toothpick can help fix your strap button. First, unscrew the strap button screw. Once it’s out of the hole, use a thin toothpick and place it in the hole.

The toothpick acts as something the screw can grab onto and the thread in the hole. Take note, don’t try gluing the toothpick in place. You shouldn’t use glue to fix the strap button screw in the hole.

If you do, you’ll get into major problems later on. It’s especially the case when you take off your strap button. With glue, it’s likely for your guitar to crack or break off the screw within.

2. Make the Screw Hole Tinier

The first method won’t work with glue, but this method will need it. To start, use a small brush or Q-tip and take a little super glue. Brush it lightly on the interior of the strap button’s hole.

Once you’re done with those steps, let the glue dry and repeat the process. This will give it a few coats. The hardened glue makes more material on the hole’s interior, giving the screw something to grab onto.

You shouldn’t build too many glue layers inside the hole. Otherwise, you might end up having to force the screw in. Sometimes, you might end up drilling the hole again.

If you choose this method, don’t use glue to secure the screw in the hole. Before you screw in the strap button, ensure that the glue is dry and hard. That way, you won’t permanently fix the strap button in.

Fixing a Loose Strap Button

In this situation, the strap button already stripped the threads holding the screw inside your instrument. That means you can pull the strap button in and out of the guitar with ease. When this happens, don’t continue using the strap button.

Otherwise, you’ll end up breaking your guitar when it falls on the floor. While the average number of acoustic and electric guitars sold in the United States is 2.6 million per year, that doesn’t mean they’re getting cheaper. That’s why you need to make sure that your guitars will last for as long as possible.

If the strap button is loose, the hole is too big for your current screw. With that, you’ll need a bigger screw. Make sure that the replacement can thread into the stripped hole.

But bigger screws can’t always fit in your strap button. When this happens, you must plug up the hole and start afresh. Here are some steps you need to do:

Steps on Plugging the Screw Hole

Take the strap button out of the hole and get a dowel. You can fit it to the hole, cutting off any excess material. Make sure that it will fit by the screw on the left.

Once done, you can use wood glue to fix the dowel in place. Make sure not to use super glue since it often runs, making it hard to wipe up the excess. Wood glue is great since you can clean it off your guitar finish with no problems.

Let the glue dry and get hard before sanding down the end of the dowel. Do this until it’s flush with the edge of the guitar body. With that, you’ll now have a solid surface to drill a hole into once again.

You can now start installing the strap buttons. That will enable you to use your old strap button and make it last longer. With that, you’re ready to rock once again!

Get a Better Guitar Strap Button Today!

When your guitar strap button gets broken, it’s always important to assess your situation first. Make sure that you know what you’re dealing with before applying any of these methods. A single mistake can cause some permanent damage to your beloved instrument.

Sometimes, the strap button might be beyond repair. When this happens, it’s always better to just buy a new one instead. This will save you time and money in the long run, especially since you’ll avoid guitar repair costs if you bungle it up.

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