How to Buy Cool Guitar Straps

July 10, 2014 2 min read

Guitar Player shining on stage.

How to Buy Cool Guitar Straps

We all love to play our guitars. Feeling the music in our ears, hearts, and coming off of our fingertips is the ultimate pleasure. Having a great-sounding, quality guitar is probably one of our top priorities as musicians. However, having cool guitar straps is something many of us are interested in as well. We don’t have to buy a generic guitar strap and just deal with it. There are options for a customized guitar strap that fits our style, our music, and our guitars.

There are ways to have cool guitar straps that are unique to ourselves and our music. Among the best ones around are those made out of premium leather with quality craftsmanship. To make the leather guitar strap stand out, many of us choose to apply graphics and designs to the strap. There are awesome designs available that can make it stand out and give your guitar the look you are going for. Because it is made out of quality leather, the strap will be made for longevity and heavy use. 

It is amazing how many designs, themes, and graphics can be applied professionally to a guitar strap. Choosing a strap company that has the right printing process and the experience to handle the customization of a guitar strap is crucial. Looking at previous work done by a guitar strap company is a good indicator on how well they get the job done. It’s also a great way to get ideas on how you may want to customize your own cool guitar straps. 

Another material commonly used for straps is polyester. Sublimated polyester works well for some guitarists because of the look and feel. They are also made to last and give a guitarist flexibility because of their ability to adjust width and length. The designs can come out looking really cool on polyester guitar straps, especially when the company applying the designs is experienced and detailed. 

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