Guitar Straps can bolster your comfort, your image, your skill, and your morale.

July 22, 2014 2 min read

Man playing the guitar.


Guitar Straps can bolster your comfort, your image, your skill, and your morale. 

In an Ezine article, The Benefits of a Quality Guitar Strap, writer Matt Saunders emphasizes stability, appearance, durability and, most importantly, comfort and stress protection, as the hallmarks of a good guitar strap. A quality guitar strap won’t stretch or bleed color onto your clothing, it won’t snap in the middle of a gig, it will enhance your professional image, and it will protect you from stress and backache.

Guitar player Dave Eichenberger advises to always play with a strap. Writing on the Seymour Duncan Blog, he acknowledges that different players have different preferences, but there are good reasons for his choices. Even though you might play fine sitting down with the weight of the guitar on your knee, you have to bend your body to meet it, and that, over a period of years, may eventually cause back pain. He explains further:

“. . . .I want the angles of the right and left wrist to be consistent no matter what chair I sit in, or if I stand. I don’t want to learn one way to play something sitting, and struggle to play the same thing standing. All of that muscle memory is important to me, so the guitar needs to be in the same place all the time.”

Guitar Straps are a key element in developing your skill. Close your eyes, and envision yourself playing your guitar with comfort and style. Do you want a custom guitar strap, or do you want to see existing designs?

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