Don’t Leave Any of These Guitar Accessories Behind

January 26, 2010 5 min read

Great accessory for your guitar, a custom guitar strap.

There’s no doubt about it – if you love to play music, you just have to have the right gear.

And if your weapon of choice is an axe, that means checking out the longest list of guitar accessories!

From strings to stands to straps, there are so many must-haves – and what you choose says an awful lot about you, and your music!

Let’s take guitar straps for example.

Sure, you could just pop down to Walmart and see what’s on special. But does that really symbolize who you are and what you aspire to be? Is it the guitar strap of legends? Pretty unlikely!

The Best Guitar Accessories

There are plenty of guitar accessories out there, how do you determine which ones you need?

Functional and Beautiful

A guitar strap may be a requirement – it’s pretty uncomfortable to play

without one – but it can still be a work of art, a collector’s item, your signature.

Durability and price are important, but so are good looks – and nothing rocks more than a personalized guitar strap. Unique guitar straps are not only eye-catching, and a great conversation starter, but they scream creativity.

They also give a little peak into who you are. if you’re a hard rocker, you may opt for skulls, flames and daggers! In which case, you’ve more than likely checked out the

If you’re a hard rocker, you may opt for skulls, flames and daggers! In which case, you’ve more than likely checked out the Darkside Collection from Strap Graphics. And if you haven’t, you should.

Match Your Guitar Style

But if you’re a country crooner, it’s pretty hard to go past the Red Buffalo Plaid guitar strap, or the Burlap guitar strap.

Guitar straps come in just about every color and style these days, but even those old originals retain a certain charm.

And they can sell for a pretty penny, too! An old leather strap belonging to Jimi Hendrix sold for thousands.

Whatever cool guitar strap you choose, it needs to suit not only your style of music, but also your guitar. And the guitar you choose, well, that’s a whole other story!

Design Your Own Artwork

A new kid on the block is custom sublimated polyester guitar straps. What’s super cool about these bad boys is that you can provide your own artwork, to be printed onto the strap using new RIP software. The

The colors are amazing. Just be sure to send a high res version of your art.

That said, leather still remains the most popular choice for a customized guitar strap, due to its strength and durability.

It’s a material that won’t let you down, however hard you rock. And that will give you the confidence to play even better.

Leather is the guitar strap for the stage strutter and the big personality, like Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters.

And it’s not just for the boys, either! Joan Jett rocks the leather every time she hits the stage.

Great Gifts For Friends and Family

One thing’s for sure, if you have a family member or a friend who plays guitars, birthdays gifts are taken care of for the next millennium!

There are so many must-have guitar accessories, you’ll never run out of ideas.

Do they have a tuner? Or how about a guitar string cutter? A capo is always useful and as for picks, you can never have too many.

That’s all great, you say, but I don’t know the first thing about guitars, never mind guitar accessories!

Yep, that can be a problem. Especially as guitarists can be very picky about their picks, and outrageously choosy when it comes to guitar straps.

But there are solutions to this problem.

Be Hip With Ed Hepp

A guitar strap that is also a collector’s item is always worth adding to the collection. And right now you’ll find the most amazing and artistic straps in the Ed Hepp Collection. A renowned illustrator and guitar player, Ed’s designs can be found on famous brands of clothing and footwear – and guitar straps.

Or, for the guitarist who has everything, how about a personalized guitar strap. And if you’re not sure what they’d like, you can give them a gift card, so they can design their own. If you’ve got a guitar-playing grandchild, that would have to make you the coolest grandma ever, right!

Or maybe you’re a rocker yourself, and just need a little help choosing the right guitar strap. Just remember, these straps are not just functional; and they’re not just used for guitars. They are a thing of beauty, an extension of your guitar, and yourself.

Guide To Guitar Straps

The earliest guitar straps came from Spain in the 15th century. Mostly made from a type of string, these were used to hold the early versions of guitars, and mandolins.

Remember, at its most basic, a guitar strap is there to hold and balance your instrument, leaving your hands free to play.

The cheapest guitar straps on the market are usually nylon. They come in many different colors and suit a range of stringed instruments. Next up the scale are guitar straps fashioned from suede. There’s a certain earthiness to suede, a hippy vibe perhaps, that sees them maintain their popularity.

Leather is the real deal, of course. The feel, the smell, it just screams rock and roll.

There’s still plenty of variety in styles and color, and you know that leather always ages well.

From the design to the strap locks, there’s plenty of scope for customizing your leather guitar strap.

Famous Guitar Straps

A guitar strap can range in price from a few dollars to a few thousand, depending on its brand and provenance. It’s generally recommended to buy the best that you can afford.

Alternatively, if you are a collector, you’ll need a couple of good sturdy workhorses, in addition to your most special straps.

To get ideas, start taking a closer look at what your favorite rockers are using. For example, Hall and Oats guitarist Paul Pesco, Daryl Hall and Taylor Swift are among the many musos who favor Strap Graphics guitar straps.

For Taylor, a true individual, the strap created reflected her personality perfectly. It was a simple white strap, with all her song titles written on it in brown text.

What would you put on your customized guitar strap? How would it truly reflect who you are? And why haven’t you got one yet!