A Custom Made Guitar Strap Can Help A Musician In Many Ways

July 17, 2014 2 min read

Guitar player, playing on stage.

A Custom Made Guitar Strap Can Help A Musician In Many Ways

When a person plays guitar, they will want to have a guitar strap that fits their situation. There are a wide variety of guitar straps available. If it’s an acoustic guitar or an electric one, there is a guitar strap that will work. An important thing for a musician is standing out in a crowd. They want to be remembered by the audience. Successful guitar players do this in many ways, including having a custom made guitar strap. They choose this type of strap because it can be deigned to promote their brand to an audience. It can also help them prevent any damage to their shoulders and more.


Experienced guitar players know a leather strap will take a period of time to break in and become comfortable. Once this is done, their softness and comfort make them the most popular choice for a guitar strap. They are very strong and durable. Musicians like how leather guitar straps can easily move around on their shoulders when needed.


Many people new to playing the guitar enjoy using a polyester guitar strap. This gives their body a chance to adapt to having the weight of a guitar on their shoulders. They are less expensive than a leather guitar strap. They are comfortable and easy to use right out of the box.

Lengths and Width

When choosing a guitar strap, it’s important to realize that straps are adjustable. The most common lengths for a guitar strap is between 35 and 53 inches. A person who is very tall may need to have a longer one. The width of a guitar strap can also be made to meet a personal preference. Some musicians feel they have better support with a wider guitar strap. Others don’t want people paying too much attention to their guitar strap. They may prefer a thinner one because it’s light and functional.

Wearing a Guitar Strap

How a musician wears their guitar strap will influence what type they use. When a guitar player has their guitar hanging low, they will need something strong to hold their guitar in place. Others will play having their guitar chest level. This will require a wider guitar strap for increased support.

If you would like to know more how a custom made guitar strap can be designed to meet your individual needs we can help. Contact us and learn more about the benefits of custom made guitar straps.