3 Steps to designing an amazing acoustic guitar strap

July 29, 2014 2 min read

A leather guitar strap thats great for an acoustic guitar.


3 Steps to designing an amazing acoustic guitar strap

 As a musician, you know that next to creating awesome music, your image is a big part of what defines you as an artist. While you might have the absolute best acoustic guitar, it’s also important to be sure your strap is just as great. If you’re still using the same strap that came with your guitar when you bought it, don’t worry. StrapGraphics is here to help you with three important steps to help you choose an amazing acoustic guitar strap.

Step 1: Choose your material

We know you don’t want nylon for your strap, otherwise you’d stick with the one your guitar came with. There are plenty of materials to choose from, and you’re sure to find one that gives you the desired visual effects you’re looking for. For example, if leather is your thing, you’ll have a classy look that will serve you well for years to come. Polyester is another popular material, and many guitarists choose it because it’s comfortable and it looks great too. 

Step 2: Choose your design

Your design should be reflective of who you are as an artist. What is the image you want to portray? Do you want a color that will stand out, or that will sit back in the shadows and allow your guitar itself to take over center stage? Choosing the right colors is critical because they will make or break your design. This is the fun part, so take some time and think about it before you start designing. 

Step 3: Opt for customization


If you search long enough, you’ll probably find a guitar strap that meets at least some of your expectations. However, many ready-made guitar straps just don’t fit the needs of most artists. The best option for many of us is having our guitar straps custom made. This gives you more control over your design, as well as a finished product that you can truly be happy with. 

If you’ve been thinking about designing your own guitar strap for quite some time, you’ll be happy to know that we make it easy for you to get the exact look you want. Visit our design tool page or contact us for more information.