10 Major Things Your Guitar Strap Says About You

November 16, 2016 4 min read

Laser engraved leather guitar strap with tree.


Anyone who’s ever played guitar knows that a guitar strap is an essential piece of equipment. It’s really difficult to play comfortably without one.

Whether you need an electric or acoustic guitar strap, there is a lot to consider when you shop for one. Comfort, durability, and price are important and of course, style is too!

Whether you play guitar solo or in a band, your personal style affects how people see you. Your guitar strap should match your style (or onstage persona). Personalized guitar straps are an awesome way to complete your look.

Read on to see what the guitar strap you wear tells the world about you.

What does your guitar strap say about you?

1. You’re playful and creative

Unique guitar straps can be a great conversation starter. Let’s say your guitar strap is covered in neon-colored kittens and sparkly skulls, or perhaps a collage of bizarre photos. You’re likely to pique people’s interest, stick in their minds, and attract questions and compliments. The same applies if your guitar strap has some crazy inside joke or catchphrase on it.

Fun and creative designs definitely get people’s attention. When your fans find out you designed the strap yourself, they also tend to think you’re even cooler than they realized.

2. You’re a huge fan of…

…Jimi Hendrix, sci-fi comics, baseball, vintage cars, Dr. Who, or the city of Chicago. It doesn’t matter what you love, if something strikes a chord with you, show the world! A personalized guitar strap can endear you to fans who are into the same stuff.

Of course, your custom guitar strap can pay homage to a style instead of a sport, show, or person. Perhaps your ideal guitar strap is decorated with tie-dye, trippy-looking mushrooms, and peace signs. Maybe you’re more inclined to a steampunk look. Or maybe you like the look of bold geometric patterns.

Play around with styles and ideas. When you’re designing your own guitar strap, the sky’s the limit.

3. You like to rock hard

If you are a hard rocker, the cool guitar strap options are unlimited: skulls, crosses, flames, knives, vampire fangs, lightning bolts, anything! Whether you consider yourself goth, metal, punk, hardcore, or alternative, you can customize your guitar strap to fit your band’s aesthetic.

If you’re into skulls, check out our Darkside collection for a little inspiration. And don’t forget, solid leather guitar straps can rock just as hard as part of your overall look.

4. You’re proud of your faith, heritage, or culture

A guitar strap decorated with your homeland’s flag, a rainbow, a Rastafarian design, the buddha, or a cross can send others a strong message about what’s you hold dear. If you tend to play a lot of religious or cultural events, it can be even more fun to rock a relevant (and cool!) guitar strap.

A custom guitar strap emblazoned with a social or political message can make an impact on your audience, too.

5. You’re the outdoorsy type

If you’d rather spend all of your time outside (when you aren’t playing guitar, that is!), you can get a guitar strap that reflects your hobbies. Think camoflauge prints for hunters, or a cool surf-style design if you’re more of a beach person. Pictures of horses, bicycles, or the view from the top of a mountain you’ve climbed also tell people more about you.

6. You’re a parent, grandparent, pet parent, devoted lover, or BFF

When you create a custom guitar strap with us, you can make photos of your loved ones part of the design. This guitar strap style shouts out to the world how much you love your kids, grandkids, wife, best friend, golden retriever… whomever.

As an added bonus, you get to look at those beautiful smiling faces every time you strap on your guitar.

If you’re not feeling the photo design, a custom guitar strap with your kid’s artwork, your dog’s pawprints, or a love letter from your spouse on it could be the perfect way to pay tribute.

7. You’re all about the music, not the flash

Solid color guitar straps are all about function over showmanship. Whether you favor nylon, cotton, burlap, or solid leather guitar straps, your focus is solely on the music. You know that a guitar strap doesn’t have to be flashy to be stylish. A simple, solid style is versatile enough to hold its own mixed with anything.

8. You like to party

A guitar strap decorated with mudflap girls, beer bottles, or suggestive phrases lets everyone know that you’re not going home to bed after this gig. Pretty much anything with scantily clad women or alcohol references on it is going to evoke that “party” image, so don’t be surprised if you end up with fans to offering to buy you drinks after the show.

9. You’re a girly-girl at heart

If you’re the sweet, feminine type, you can decorate your custom guitar strap with hearts, flowers, unicorns, or fairies. Regardless of the type of music you play, if you are a glitter-loving princess at heart, don’t be afraid to let your unique guitar strap give you away!

10. Your band is going to be the next big thing

When your guitar strap features your own band’s name, picture, or logo, people will see you as destined for greatness. Your band name is hard to forget when people can see it the whole time you’re playing. Sporting your logo makes you look established and professional.

Don’t underestimate your own inspiration factor! Every time you put on your personalized guitar strap, you can imagine your fans lusting after your logo merchandise when you’re headlining a big tour!

You can even get creative and decorate the strap with your lyrics. Or use your song titles instead – like the custom guitar strap a hosting arena had us make for Taylor Swift.

What do you want to say?

Your guitar strap really does make a statement about you. It’s up to you to decide what you want to say.

You can design your own guitar strap on our site. Either upload some killer artwork of your own or let us create the vision for you.

Acoustic or electric, lead guitar or bass, professional or beginner, every guitarist needs a guitar strap. The best guitar strap for you is the one that makes you feel confident and inspired every time you play. And you have the power to create it!