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Bound for Truth Custom Bible Covers

Posted by Nate and Joel Admin on

Are you interested in getting a custom cover for your bible or favorite book? Similar to our custom guitar straps, Bound for Truth’s bible covers are completely customizable with full color printing and embossing on English Bridle and synthetic leather options. Here are some highlights! 

Made to fit your own bible

Each personalized bible cover is custom made to fit your own bible. This is pretty incredible as its hard to find a cover that fits right. With so many bible sizes available, going with standard sizes almost never seem to fit. Bound for Truth makes every bible cover fit like a “glove” meaning it's a tight and durable fit. Measuring and providing your specifications is easy, all that is needed is the “length x width x height (thickness)” then a calculated formula is applied and each bible cover is custom made for you.  


Quality saddle grade English Bridle Leather

Bound for Truths leather bible covers are manufactured using the finest english bridle leather that is domestically sourced in the USA. Bridle leather is known for its ruggedness in nature and superior durability which is why it's commonly used for making high end horse saddles.  Being a waxed treated leather during the tanning process makes the leather extra good for adding personalization such as embossing. 

Full custom embossing for the ultimate personalization

Using the same digital embossing process as StrapGraphics guitar straps, you can get your custom bible cover embossed with a variety of fonts or with your own custom logo or artwork. 

Bible’s that you can buy that will work great with custom bible covers

If you are looking for a new bible to go with a custom bible cover, you can check out some options here

Contact Bound for Truth 

Please feel free to contact Bound for Truth directly if you would like to enquire about getting a bible cover custom made for your bible.