10 Quotes About Guitars All Players Can Relate To


Since we’re talking about quotes, it seems appropriate to quote Issac Newton. Although he may not have been a guitar player, he said something we could all learn from as musicians.

7 Tricks to Learning to Play Guitar By Ear


Ever seen someone play a song they’ve never heard before? They take that guitar into their hands and all of a sudden it’s like some sort of musical magic is running their veins.


These Rockin’ Romantic Gifts for Guitar Players are Perfect for Valentine’s Day


You’d probably rather be rockin’ your Strat than having to think about Valentine’s Day gifts. Or, maybe you’re in love with a guitar player and you’d rather be rockin’ his or her “Strat” than thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts.


Don’t Leave Any of These Guitar Accessories Behind


There’s no doubt about it – if you love to play music, you just have to have the right gear.

And if your weapon of choice is an axe, that means checking out the longest list of guitar accessories!

How to Create a Sweet DIY Personalized Guitar Amp

When you turn on the tube, you aren’t going to sit there and veg out. You’re going to rock out.

Because, silly kids, tubes aren’t for TVs! They’re for electric guitar amplification!


The Absolute 10 Best Guitar Tabs for Beginners to Get Strummin’

You’ve been wanting to learn guitar for as long as you can remember.

You’ve got your first guitar – thanks to the holiday season or the resolve of a new year. Maybe you’ve even got an awesome custom strap to accommodate.

Here’s How to Pick the Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

There are a lot of reasons to learn to play guitar. Perhaps you want to impress a lady – or a guy. Maybe you enjoy music and want to create some yourself.


Cool Guitar Picks You Can Make Yourself

Whether opening for a huge band, performing at the local bar or tinkering in the living room (or possibly the basement at the request of an irritated roommate/partner), guitar players set out to establish their own unique style.


Guitar Care is Easy With this Guide

The more you play your axe, the more you’ll need to think about guitar care. After all, a clean guitar sounds so much better than a filthy one.

Sweat and grime from your fingers become a magnet for all sorts.

How to Buy a Guitar: Get on the Electric Train with This Guide

You’ve been watching your rock idols for a while and now you’re wondering how to buy a guitar.

With roughly 2.3 million guitars sold in the US every year, you’re in good company.


Our Top Ten Budget-Friendly Gifts for Guitar Players

Do you have a friend or family member that loves to play the guitar? Are they in a full band or just like playing the guitar as a hobby?


10 Major Things Your Guitar Strap Says About You

Anyone who’s ever played guitar knows that a guitar strap is an essential piece of equipment. It’s really difficult to play comfortably without one.

Whether you need an electric or acoustic guitar strap, there is a lot to consider when …