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bDesign your Expression, Express your Design: Customizable Electric Guitar Straps



So you have a wicked sick electric guitar, strap locks, but some generic old strap that you’ve had for years. Time for an upgrade! Strap Graphics’ electric guitar straps

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Secure Your Valuable Axe with Electric Guitar Straps



Playing an electric guitar is not exactly the same as playing an acoustic. For one thing, most acoustic guitars are made to be played while the musician is in a comfortable sitting …

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Can’t Find the Perfect Guitar Strap? Time to Design Your Own!



It can be difficult to find that perfect guitar strap. You need one that is comfortable and tells your audience that you’re serious about music. You may of …

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Guitar Straps: What makes a good custom design?



Are you thinking about designing your own guitar strap? There is no absolute one way to design a good strap, but there are some things to think about that might make it …

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How to Talk People into Giving You Guitar Straps without Having To Wait for Christmas



The only thing better than wearing awesome guitar straps may be receiving them as a gift. You can start dropping hints for Christmas now or …

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