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Girls and Guitar Straps



Being a girl guitar player doesn’t mean that you can’t hit a lick and cut heads with the best of them. Just look at Gibson’s list of The Top 10 Female Guitar Players of All Time

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Why cool guitar straps Speak a Thousand Words



Like anything you wear as a musician whether in front of a small or big crowd or simply performing for friends, guitar straps speak a thousand words about you and your personality, traits …

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Stop the Stereotypes! Defining your bass guitar straps



Tired of walking into a gig and being stared up and down by gawking spectators who are already deciding if they like you – before you play? You are the bass guitarist, …

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Say goodbye to an old friend and welcome new acoustic guitar straps



“My days are done, man. I’m hanging it up,” Old Strap said.

“You’ve always been hanging it up,” Guitar joked.

“No. I’m serious man. I’m just worn out. …

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Express Your Music Style with Custom Guitar Straps



Remember that one concert? You know, the one that stands out in your mind as the coolest, that single experience that would be impossible to beat? Even though you’ve been to hundreds …

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