Custom Dog Collars Are Safer: Here's 7 Safety Features To Watch For

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Without the right safety features, dog collars can cause strangulation, skin irritation, neck damage, mouth injuries, and more for your pup. When you bring home your new addition to your family, you want to provide your dog with all the essentials to create a long and happy life for him or her. 

They're innocent in the situation and can't always tell you when something is bothering them or hurting them, although they might try at times. Custom dog collars allow you the opportunity to create a collar that has your dog's best interest in mind. 

The wrong collar could be disastrous for everyone, but the right collar, custom made by you, will have your pup in the safest of situations at all times. When it comes time to purchase a customized dog collar, you need to know what safety features to include on it.  

1. Adjustable Straps

A proper dog collar should have a way to adjust the straps. This is especially true for younger dogs who still need time to grow. A collar that's either too loose or too tight can cause safety concerns for your pup.

One that's too loose could get caught in objects and strangle your pup if you're not there to help. Your dog might also be able to work his or her way out of the collar if there's more room than needed. This is a safety concern as well because if your dog is without a collar, he or she won't have a form of identification.

A collar that's too tight could lead to skin irritation and neck damages as well. Find one with adjustable straps and ensure you can fit two fingers inside the collar while it's around your dog's neck. This is a way to tell that it's the right size.

2. LED Light

There are some collars that come with an LED light built into them. An LED light comes in handy for your pup if you take a lot of evening walks. The LED light will notify other pedestrians and cars that your pup is there. 

Another way that an LED light on a collar can be beneficial is if your pup were to leave your yard at night chasing another animal or following a scent. While your pups roam the streets at night, they will have an LED light ensuring their safety until you're able to find them and bring them home. 

3. Reflective Band

A reflective band is another safety feature for your dog during the evening hours. It's an alternative to the LED light and will prevent your dog from dangers during your late-night walks. Aside from letting others know that your pup is there, the reflective band can also help you see your dog as well.

If during an evening walk your pups decide to stroll a bit too far, you'll be able to find them and call them back to safety.

4. Custom Embossed Strap on Leather Dog Collars

Collar tags are wonderful, but they limit the amount of information you can place on them. They also run the risk of falling off and leaving your dogs with no proper identification. With a customized dog collar, you can have all the important information embossed directly on the collar strap. 

You'll have more room to write as much info as desired, and you won't have to worry about a tag falling off or catching on something. If your pups ever get lost, their finders will know exactly who to call. 

Be sure to know what font sizes or images you can use when designing your custom dog collar.

5. Break-Free Straps

When customizing your collars, consider choosing break-free straps as well. These straps allow your dogs to break away from potentially dangerous situations due to being caught on something by their collar. 

If for any reason, your pups find themselves caught on something by their collar, the straps will break apart from one another, and your pups will be set free. Without a safety feature like this, your dogs could end up strangling themselves.

6. Smartphone Connection

For those who enjoy high-tech items, consider using a collar for your dogs with a smartphone connection on them. These collars are high-tech and beneficial for pet owners. The collars connect to an app that you download on your smartphone. 

The app can tell you exactly where your dogs are, it can monitor their activity, and give you other important information about your pups as well. Gone are the days where dogs run away, and you spend hours or days cruising the streets looking for them.

With a smart collar, you'll know exactly where to go and bring them back to safety as soon as possible.

7. Loop Straps

Loop-strap collars are collars with a loop in them that'll tighten when pulled but don't tighten too much to hurt your dogs or train them. These types of dog collars are for preventing your dogs from doing the back-up trick and sliding out of the collar.

Many dogs learn that if they walk backward and tilt their heads a certain way, that they can escape the collar, which could be dangerous for them. Loop straps will ensure that your dogs can't pull themselves out of it. 

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