July 22nd, 2014

How to Talk People into Giving You Guitar Straps without Having To Wait for Christmas

How to Talk People into Giving You Guitar Straps without Having To Wait for Christmas

The only thing better than wearing awesome guitar straps may be receiving them as a gift. You can start dropping hints for Christmas now or shorten the wait with a little creativity. These are 3 ways to persuade your friends and family to give you the strap you want right away.

Once you see our selection, we may not need to say much to get you interested in our premium leather straps, custom designs and other accessories. Of course, you may need to do a little negotiating to get your holiday gifts early. These are 3 offers your friends and family should not refuse:

guitar strap (2)

Feature them in a YouTube video: You never know who is secretly dreaming about being in a band. If your roommate gets you a strap, you could let them stand on stage with you in a YouTube video performance. If they’re camera shy, you could announce their name at the end and thank them for the special strap.

Give them Future Celebrity Memorabilia: You may be a future rock star. Promise your uncle that you’ll return the strap to him some far off day if they invest in you now. Our straps are so durable that this will take a while, but it could be worth a fortune by then.

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Write them a Personal Song: Does your girlfriend or boyfriend keep asking you to write them their own song? That could be the opportunity you need to mention how effective a new strap would be for sparking your creativity.

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Even if you try all this and nothing works out, we still want you to have a chance to score a free guitar strap. Visit our Facebook promotion where we give away a strap every month.

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