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August 11th, 2014

Can’t Find the Perfect Guitar Strap? Time to Design Your Own!

Can’t Find the Perfect Guitar Strap? Time to Design Your Own!

It can be difficult to find that perfect guitar strap. You need one that is comfortable and tells your audience that you’re serious about music. You may of looked through piles of straps at music stores searching desperately for the right one, the one that screams you. However, there’s no way something mass-produced will be able to reflect your personality. That is way many guitarists create their own custom guitar straps.

These custom straps come in a variety of sizes and materials allowing them to be as comfortable as possible.  There are many options to consider. You can choose either polyester or leather. On the leather straps you have the choice of having a suede back or not. Then comes deciding the width. The polyester straps are available in only 2″ and the leather straps come in either 2.5″ or 3.5″. It’s all up to you as to what you find the most comfortable or stylish.

guitar strap 12

The customization doesn’t end there. With a large selection of colors and designs to choose from you’ll be able to create strap that goes perfectly with you’re favorite guitar. There is also option to add images, either selected from a database or your own. This level of customization is unmatched by anything that you could find in a store and the possibles are endless. 

While designing, you have the ability to see how the strap will look when being worn. This makes it easy to see if everything lines up how you imaged it and allows you to make any changes if you don’t like something. This is great because it helps you see how the strap will look from a spectators position. 

guitar strap 11

At we help you design the perfect guitar strap that every guitarist deserves. Please feel free to contact us and start designing today!

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July 31st, 2014

Guitar Straps: What makes a good custom design?

Guitar Straps: What makes a good custom design?

Are you thinking about designing your own guitar strap? There is no absolute one way to design a good strap, but there are some things to think about that might make it easier for you to decide that you might want to go for a custom strap rather than choose from the strap store.

HTC, the electronics manufacturer, funded a study about design, in order to validate something that they thought might be true: Good Design Makes You Happy. They found that a functionally designed product was useful, but a beautiful functionally designed product was not only useful, but calming, and that it fed your creativity as well.

guitar strap (2)

StrapGraphics will do its part: we make a highly functional strap, in several different materials and compelling styles, but if you want to truly make it yours, then we encourage you to utilize your design skills by getting familiar with the design tool on the website.

After choosing your material and width, you will want to make some basic decisions about your strap, and exactly what kind of message that you want the design to convey. There will be different levels of marketing expertise among our customers, and we provide access to professional tools if you want to use them.

For those of you who need some inspiration, here are some basic thoughts on graphic design,

The visual impact will be decided by the way that you use the different sizes, colors, and textural values of your elements.

A certain amount of contrast will create interest. Decide how you will use the basic advertising principle of repetition. Will you repeat a word, or will you integrate the concept of contrast here to repeat your logo in different sizes?

Do you want to guide the eye-flow to go up and down the strap, or to be more static, with pictures stacked vertically? Whatever is biggest in the design will indicate your priorities. Again, the use of a logo is relevant here, and it’s a good chance to develop your brand by using your correct colors. (This isn’t the time or place to mess with your logo color!)

Your design should be balanced by the combination of fonts, colors, sizes and images, so that a message can be conveyed with economy. You can combine a lot of concepts in just a few visual units.

guitar strap

The outstanding aspect of your design, whether it is a word, a color, or a combination of factors, should help to convey your style and the mood of your creativity.

All of this in the area of a Guitar Strap? You bet! Have some fun with it, and you will discover how much of your own personality and intention can be conveyed in a few square inches of space. A custom strap can be an important contribution to every performance.

Contact us for help with all aspects of comfort, design, performance, and guitars. It’s what we do.

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July 22nd, 2014

How to Talk People into Giving You Guitar Straps without Having To Wait for Christmas

How to Talk People into Giving You Guitar Straps without Having To Wait for Christmas

The only thing better than wearing awesome guitar straps may be receiving them as a gift. You can start dropping hints for Christmas now or shorten the wait with a little creativity. These are 3 ways to persuade your friends and family to give you the strap you want right away.

Once you see our selection, we may not need to say much to get you interested in our premium leather straps, custom designs and other accessories. Of course, you may need to do a little negotiating to get your holiday gifts early. These are 3 offers your friends and family should not refuse:

guitar strap (2)

Feature them in a YouTube video: You never know who is secretly dreaming about being in a band. If your roommate gets you a strap, you could let them stand on stage with you in a YouTube video performance. If they’re camera shy, you could announce their name at the end and thank them for the special strap.

Give them Future Celebrity Memorabilia: You may be a future rock star. Promise your uncle that you’ll return the strap to him some far off day if they invest in you now. Our straps are so durable that this will take a while, but it could be worth a fortune by then.

guitar strap (3)

Write them a Personal Song: Does your girlfriend or boyfriend keep asking you to write them their own song? That could be the opportunity you need to mention how effective a new strap would be for sparking your creativity.

guitar strap

Even if you try all this and nothing works out, we still want you to have a chance to score a free guitar strap. Visit our Facebook promotion where we give away a strap every month.

Don’t settle for low quality guitar straps. Contact us to see the difference craftsmanship makes.

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July 14th, 2014

Love Your Acoustic Guitar Strap?

Love Your Acoustic Guitar Strap?

Close your eyes and picture the musician. Standing on a street corner, picking and strumming a beaten acoustic. The acoustic guitar strap is an irreplaceable part of that iconic image. The music may be country, rock or blues but when you see that acoustic player the strap and what it does for the player is part of the performance.

acoustic guitar 1

When you first start playing an acoustic you start play sitting down, but eventually all of us want to stand up and play, and that moment is when you discover the importance of your strap! A bad strap hurts your shoulder, and makes playing a nightmare. The intricacies of playing can become impossible with a neck breaking, throat cutting, shoulder busting cord. How did Elvis ever stand those things?

acoustic guitar 2

The first good strap that you get is a revelation. Suddenly you don’t feel like you have a baby grand strapped to your chest — you have a lean, mean support machine that becomes a part of your gig.

acoustic guitar 3

Now that you know what it means to have a good strap, you probably want a strap that fits your attitude. Here at StrapGraphics we have great, comfortable straps with attitude. Straps designed by Ed Hepp, leather straps plaid straps, cultured straps — a look for every player and every guitar.

And if you want even more attitude, what about a custom strap? Design your own strap and upload the design to us and get a beautiful custom strap that is made for only you.

Want to talk about straps for your axe? Contact us, we love talking music, guitars and straps!

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July 13th, 2014

The Luxury of Leather Guitar Straps

The Luxury of Leather Guitar Straps

Most of us are always on the hunt for a guitar strap that combines the oh-so-important need for comfort with our craving for flair. Considering the hours spent practicing, performing, and generally hunting for inspiration, this shouldn’t be too much to ask. Leather guitar straps offer a limitless range of design with the ultimate comfort and durability. Invest in a leather strap and never look back; you won’t regret it.

guitar strap 9b

There’s a leather strap for every preference. If you like the sleek, classic look and soft comfort conjured by the words “patent leather,” then try a rounded glossy black. Retro could be more to your style, with rainbow lines or square prints. Then again, it might be that you want edgy all the way, so look out for your skulls and bones.

guitar strap 9a

For the passionate guitar player, a strap that adds to the overall playing experience is the best kind of strap. Adjustability allows you to find the perfect balance. Choosing a width that suits your shoulder ensures that long sessions won’t cause aches and pains. The soft quality of the leather helps protect against irritation.

Function is important, but style inspires. If you’re looking for the truly unique to compliment optimal comfort, take the plunge and customize your strap. Add a suede back for extra softness, or go for a full-color print of the icon who inspired you to start playing in the first place. 

To learn more about the luxury world of leather guitar straps, contact us today.

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July 12th, 2014

Gain confidence with personalized guitar straps

Gain confidence with personalized guitar straps

New to guitar? We feel your pain. You have to build up callouses, memorize chords, and figure out strum patterns. It’s tough. But don’t get down on yourself. You need a boost to keep yourself motivated through those times when you feel like you should just stick with Guitar Hero. We’ve been there, and we’ve got you covered. 

Keep yourself motivated with one of our personalized guitar straps. Customize it to whatever makes you feel like a rockstar. Skulls, crosses, pictures, words, anything that brings out the Hendrix in you.

Do you have that one song that just takes you back? Put it on your strap. Add the lyrics of the song that made you want to play guitar in the first place. With those lyrics on a sweet leather strap from us, you’re on your way, kid.

Personalize a guitar strap

Make it personal and add pictures. Add pictures of your favorite people, favorite guitarists, or favorite view from those times in your life that someone should write a song about. You could even add pictures of yourself so when you’re old and famous you can remember what you looked like in your younger years. 

Whatever you do, don’t give up on guitar. With a little more confidence and a lot of hard work, you be added to the list of the Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists. Or the greatest guitarist on Youtube. Or in the county. Or on your back porch. You can be one of the greats no matter how you like to rock.

And when you see another guitarist starting out just like you did, pass it on. Give them a strap that gives them the confidence you found, and never stop rocking. 

Contact us to make a strap that brings out your confidence.

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July 11th, 2014

Personalized Guitar Straps

Personalized Guitar Straps

When you play your guitar the music you create is unique. Each note and every bend is a reflection of your personality. Your may have spent weeks, or even months deciding which guitar is perfect for you, searching for the one that tells everyone everything about what music means to you.

However, a guitar is not the only thing valuable to a guitarist. We each have our own favorite strings, picks, and amplifiers. We’ve all stood in the in our local music store rummaging through their collection of straps. Its nearly impossible to find the one that screams you and your music. That is why many guitarists order their own personalized guitar straps.

Personalized Guitar Straps 1

These custom straps can be made from a leather or polyester and are available in a variety of sizes allowing you to find the one that will be comfortable for you. But comfort isn’t everything. You can select from a multitude of colors and patterns. Furthermore, you can add your own images, allowing your guitar strap to be totally unique to you.

Personalized Guitar Straps 2

If you want to create a jet black leather strap with a skull on it, you can. Or, if having a plaid polyester strap with horses and unicorns on it is more of your style, you can do that too. Of course your personalized strap does not have to be this extravagant. Another thing you can add to your strap is Text. With a variety of fonts you’ll be able to write anything ranging from the punch line to your favorite bad joke to the name of someone who inspired you.

Personalized Guitar Straps 3

The possibilities are limitless meaning that if you can imagine it, you can create it. When you perform with a custom guitar strap everyone will know that you not only take music seriously, but that you take it personally as well. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Design Your Strap now!

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November 17th, 2013



International shipping (worldwide) First class international November 30th 2013

Domestic (USA) first class mail December 18th

Domestic (USA) UPS NEXT DAY AIR December 22nd

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November 6th, 2013

Gearing up for the holiday season! Personalized guitar straps

Gearing up for the holiday season!

Production time for a personalized guitar straps 3-5 business days

guitar strap leather

Yes, the holidays are right around the corner. Here is a cool pic of some of our leather we use for our guitar straps getting ready to go though our printing process. We are gearing up for fast production times this year, so no need to be concerned if your order will make it in time for Christmas! Our guitar strap turn time right now is 3-5 business days. If you have a tighter time line feel free to contact us at

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October 31st, 2013

Recent write up by Rob Cavuoto with Guitar International we would like to share!

By: Rob Cavuoto

You invest so much time, effort, and money when purchasing a guitar, why would you not give that same amount of attention and detail to the strap it hangs from?

I can’t tell you how many players I see with expensive Gibson and Paul Reed Smith guitars using a nylon strap that resembles a camera strap.

By the end of the set, their neck is red, their shoulder is aching, and it looks cheesy!

Like your guitar, a strap should be extremely comfortable, durable, and portray a certain image that you are looking to convey.

It should also be able to withstand countless hours of use.

I recently came across a strap manufacture that truly lives up to my expectations as a guitar player and felt compelled to share with our readers at Guitar International.

StrapGraphics has a great line of guitar straps that are made in the USA. I picked up the Darkside Skulls Strap because the subtle skull pattern really caught my eye.

It was sharp without being garish or childish. It was soft to the touch, made from high quality soft leather. The stitching was tight and sturdy.

I think this is the highest quality strap I have ever owned!

Being six foot, I like a longer strap and this one was adjustable from 45-55 inches. It also came in two widths and I opted for the larger 3.5” to show off the skull pattern.

The strap looked great on all my guitars and after a few hours of jamming with friends, I was unaffected by a shoulder ache.

Oh I forgot to mention that they’re strap lock friendly so I can look cool and protect my investment.

I have owned quite a number of straps in the last 30 years. They were typically inexpensive straps that looked great but soon fell apart due to inferior materials or the stitching unraveled.

I must say that the craftsmanship on these StrapGraphics are a step above excellent. Now I can look the part and feel the part. I’m finally releasing my inner Rock Star!

Be sure to check out the different styles of straps that StrapGraphics offers. They seem to have a lot of options and fabrics to fit everyone’s wallet.

They even have a custom shop so you can design something that’s near and dear to your heart! I think it is well worth the value.

If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your guitar.

Guitar strap



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