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November 16th, 2016

10 Major Things Your Guitar Strap Says About You

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Anyone who’s ever played guitar knows that a guitar strap is an essential piece of equipment. It’s really difficult to play comfortably without one.

Whether you need an electric or acoustic guitar strap, there is a lot to consider when you shop for one. Comfort, durability, and price are important and of course, style is too!

Whether you play guitar solo or in a band, your personal style affects how people see you. Your guitar strap should match your style (or onstage persona). Personalized guitar straps are an awesome way to complete your look.

Read on to see what the guitar strap you wear tells the world about you.

What does your guitar strap say about you?

1. You’re playful and creative

Unique guitar straps can be a great conversation starter. Let’s say your guitar strap is covered in neon-colored kittens and sparkly skulls, or perhaps a collage of bizarre photos. You’re likely to pique people’s interest, stick in their minds, and attract questions and compliments. The same applies if your guitar strap has some crazy inside joke or catchphrase on it.

Fun and creative designs definitely get people’s attention. When your fans find out you designed the strap yourself, they also tend to think you’re even cooler than they realized.

2. You’re a huge fan of…

…Jimi Hendrix, sci-fi comics, baseball, vintage cars, Dr. Who, or the city of Chicago. It doesn’t matter what you love, if something strikes a chord with you, show the world! A personalized guitar strap can endear you to fans who are into the same stuff.

Of course, your custom guitar strap can pay homage to a style instead of a sport, show, or person. Perhaps your ideal guitar strap is decorated with tie-dye, trippy-looking mushrooms, and peace signs. Maybe you’re more inclined to a steampunk look. Or maybe you like the look of bold geometric patterns.

Play around with styles and ideas. When you’re designing your own guitar strap, the sky’s the limit.

3. You like to rock hard

If you are a hard rocker, the cool guitar strap options are unlimited: skulls, crosses, flames, knives, vampire fangs, lightning bolts, anything! Whether you consider yourself goth, metal, punk, hardcore, or alternative, you can customize your guitar strap to fit your band’s aesthetic.

If you’re into skulls, check out our Darkside collection for a little inspiration. And don’t forget, solid leather guitar straps can rock just as hard as part of your overall look.

4. You’re proud of your faith, heritage, or culture

A guitar strap decorated with your homeland’s flag, a rainbow, a Rastafarian design, the buddha, or a cross can send others a strong message about what’s you hold dear. If you tend to play a lot of religious or cultural events, it can be even more fun to rock a relevant (and cool!) guitar strap.

A custom guitar strap emblazoned with a social or political message can make an impact on your audience, too.

5. You’re the outdoorsy type

If you’d rather spend all of your time outside (when you aren’t playing guitar, that is!), you can get a guitar strap that reflects your hobbies. Think camoflauge prints for hunters, or a cool surf-style design if you’re more of a beach person. Pictures of horses, bicycles, or the view from the top of a mountain you’ve climbed also tell people more about you.

6. You’re a parent, grandparent, pet parent, devoted lover, or BFF

When you create a custom guitar strap with us, you can make photos of your loved ones part of the design. This guitar strap style shouts out to the world how much you love your kids, grandkids, wife, best friend, golden retriever… whomever.

As an added bonus, you get to look at those beautiful smiling faces every time you strap on your guitar.

If you’re not feeling the photo design, a custom guitar strap with your kid’s artwork, your dog’s pawprints, or a love letter from your spouse on it could be the perfect way to pay tribute.

7. You’re all about the music, not the flash

Solid color guitar straps are all about function over showmanship. Whether you favor nylon, cotton, burlap, or solid leather guitar straps, your focus is solely on the music. You know that a guitar strap doesn’t have to be flashy to be stylish. A simple, solid style is versatile enough to hold its own mixed with anything.

8. You like to party

A guitar strap decorated with mudflap girls, beer bottles, or suggestive phrases lets everyone know that you’re not going home to bed after this gig. Pretty much anything with scantily clad women or alcohol references on it is going to evoke that “party” image, so don’t be surprised if you end up with fans to offering to buy you drinks after the show.

9. You’re a girly-girl at heart

If you’re the sweet, feminine type, you can decorate your custom guitar strap with hearts, flowers, unicorns, or fairies. Regardless of the type of music you play, if you are a glitter-loving princess at heart, don’t be afraid to let your unique guitar strap give you away!

10. Your band is going to be the next big thing

When your guitar strap features your own band’s name, picture, or logo, people will see you as destined for greatness. Your band name is hard to forget when people can see it the whole time you’re playing. Sporting your logo makes you look established and professional.

Don’t underestimate your own inspiration factor! Every time you put on your personalized guitar strap, you can imagine your fans lusting after your logo merchandise when you’re headlining a big tour!

You can even get creative and decorate the strap with your lyrics. Or use your song titles instead – like the custom guitar strap a hosting arena had us make for Taylor Swift.

What do you want to say?

Your guitar strap really does make a statement about you. It’s up to you to decide what you want to say.

You can design your own guitar strap on our site. Either upload some killer artwork of your own or let us create the vision for you.

Acoustic or electric, lead guitar or bass, professional or beginner, every guitarist needs a guitar strap. The best guitar strap for you is the one that makes you feel confident and inspired every time you play. And you have the power to create it!

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November 9th, 2016

Build Your Own Guitar: Make it Custom, Make it Yours

Picking up a new guitar and laying into those first few chords is a special feeling. It’s something anyone who’s ever held a pick can relate to.

So what if we told you there’s something that trumps it? Would you believe us? If you’ve ever had the opportunity to build your own guitar you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Nothing is quite like the feeling of playing an instrument that is uniquely yours. No one has the same guitar, and no one ever will. The guitar becomes an extension of yourself.

It’s hard work to get the exact kind of guitar you’re looking for, and there are several ways to make it happen.

We’re going to show you how to build your own electric guitar from start to finish, and how it customize it along the way.

How to Build Your Own Guitar – The Basics

The first step in building a guitar is deciding what kind of guitar you’re after. The general process is the same for acoustic and electric guitars, but small variations in strings and wood choice make the builds slightly different.

We’re making the choice for you in this article, and focusing on electric guitars.

Next, you will need to decide what your definition of “build” is. Building from scratch is labor intensive. It requires access to a variety of tools and a quiet space to focus and keep your guitar safe.

Your other option is ordering custom parts from different suppliers and piecing together the guitar. It’s not technically “building” it, but your guitar is customized all the same.

Veteran guitar builder Tony McKenzie, likens the assembling process to building a house. You don’t call it assembling a house, so why call it assembling a guitar?

Constructing the Body

Body construction always starts with a solid piece of wood. It seems simple enough, but this step is enormously important for your final product.

Different woods create different sounds. The way sound reverberates through the wood affects pitches, tones, highs, lows, and more.

Here’s a quick breakdown of sound characteristics by common wood type.


Alder wood creates a strong, clear, full-bodied sound with strong mids and above average lows. The highs are somewhere between harsh and smooth, and the sustain is average.

Swamp Ash

This specific type of ash creates a twangy, sweet, and fluttery sound. The lows are firm, the highs pleasant to hear, and the sustain is average. Swamp ash is a popular entry-level body type.


Basswood delivers a strong sound. The body is strong but well balanced. The midrange is also substantial, though also uniquely soft. This wood gives your sound a boost.

Korina: Korina is about balance. Its sound is resonating and warm, with clarity and sustain.


By itself, mahogany has a warm tone with a well-balanced bite. Mahogany doesn’t hit hard, but it’s not soft either. The wood provides good depth with full lows and average highs.


Maple is extremely dense and hard. This produces lively, precise tones.

Maple Top – Mahogany Back

This is a popular combination. It yields mahogany’s depth, warm tone, and sustain, combined with maple’s clarity and definition.


Rarely seen in electric guitars, this wood makes for a heavy and overly bright sounding guitar. It’s best suited to acoustics.


Walnut is similar to mahogany. The sound is warm and full, but with more of a lower end hit.

Once you’ve decided on a wood, it’s time to carve your body. Note that for dual wood type bodies you’ll need slimmer wood blocks. The final product needs both wood types combined to form the proper body depth.

Choose a shape and trace it onto your solid wood face. Next, use a bandsaw to cut out the stencil. Make relief cuts near any curves to prevent the blade from slipping.

Now sand any rough edges and relief cuts that mar the exterior of the guitar. This is a good time to route out the pickup cavity as well.

Trace your pickup cavity outline and use a router to hollow out space for the pickup. Since you’re already sanding the exterior, add the pickup cavity to your sanding list.

Attach your strap buttons to the sides of your guitar. Drill out the proper depth holes and screw in the strap buttons.

We recommend a strap to every player not only for comfort but customization as well.

The final step is tracing a neck cut out, and routing out a space to attach your neck to the guitar. Make sure to mark out drill holes for attaching the neck to the body.

Shape The Neck

A guitar neck is an easier build than the body. Though again, wood type matters immensely.

Mahogany – Ebony

This combination typically refers to a mahogany neck with an ebony fretboard. The ebony contributes clarity and definition, a strong bass and snappy highs, while the mahogany brings warmth and an open sound.

Mahogany - Rosewood

Mahogany here lends its same warm, mellow tone. A combination with rosewood produces complex highs, creamy lows, and a strong midrange. The sound takes on an almost sweet character.


The most common neck wood, maple sizzles in the highs, has firm lows, with a punchy yet edgy sound that still maintains excellent clarity.

Maple – Pau Ferro

The same maple goodness, but with improved clarity and definition. Lows aren’t quite up to snuff, but an open midrange compensates.

You can build the neck either before or after the body. The only stipulation being that it needs to complement the guitar body’s size.

It’s also time to build your guitar head. Cut out a shape you’re interested in from the same wood as your neck. Remember to drill holes for your tuning pegs.

Attaching the fingerboard is straightforward, but the frets are complicated. Inserting tuning pegs can also cause issues if you’re not familiar with stringing a guitar.

We recommend taking the unstrung product to a master tuner who can ensure your new guitar will play as well as it’s built. They can also recommend the proper strings to suit your play style.

Attaching the rest of your guitar’s accessories and finishing the wood are projects for a different article. Both processes are an art in their own right.

If you follow this guide you too can have a custom guitar that looks and sounds like only a one-of-a-kind instrument can.

If you’re looking for a custom guitar strap for your new ax, visit our website. We specialize in giving your guitar the unique look and character it deserves.

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November 2nd, 2016

10 Awesome Guitar Apps Players Will Actually Use

When it comes to being a guitarist, we all know that creativity and self-expression are the reasons we were drawn to becoming a musician.

At Strap Graphics, we get it. That’s why we offer custom gear to help you make your set up even more personalized (right down to a custom guitar strap to complete the look).

Gear is one thing, though. If someone you or someone you know is an avid musician, bringing in technology on the go to supplement your craft is one way to get your fix when playing isn’t always an option.

Both classical guitar and the electrical guitar are among the world’s top 6 most popular instruments– meaning there is an almost endless market for lessons, theory, gear, and apps.

Strap Graphics wanted to give you a leg up on integrating tech into your guitar practice, so we’ve broken down our Top 10 Guitar apps that you will absolutely use.

Our Top 10 Guitar Apps

1. Real Drum

Now starting off with Real Drum may seem like a strange choice– a drum app topping the list of guitar apps? But it actually makes a lot of sense.

If you’re wanting to take your music to the next level, adding drums in with your guitar jamming is one way to create a larger sound that more closely mimics what you could do with a full band.

It’s available for both Andriod and Apple devices, and it gives you the ability to create a drum backing for your music without needing to learn complicated programming.

2. Smart Chord Scales

This guitar app is currently only available on Andriod devices, but Smart Chord Scales offers users a detailed breakdown of chord options that is worth checking out for Andriod users.

With this app, users can view the chord notation, fretboard viewing, and more. You can even branch out from the guitar and check out the apps options for the bass, mandolin, and other instruments. Using this app to advance your knowledge of chords and scaling is a top recommendation from us at Strap Graphics.

3. Guitarist’s Reference

Guitarist’s Reference is an incredible app that you should treat like a portable encyclopedia of all guitar-related information.

This app is available for both Apple and Andriod devices, and it offers users a diverse variety of functions. Our favorites are the reverse chord finder tool, the quizzes, and theory information.

4. Guitar Lessons by Guitar Tricks

For those who are at the beginner or intermediate level of guitar playing, or even if you’re a seasoned player, this app should be on your radar.

It is available for download on both Andriod and Apple devices, and it houses over 11k comprehensive guitar lessons that can benefit any player.

The true benefit to an app like this is that it offers similar levels of instruction and detail to an in-person lesson, but makes it portable and affordable for those who are unable to find the funding, time, or location to commit to in-person lessons but feels comfortable tackling an instrument on their own.

5. Amplitube UA

Only available for Andriod devices, this great app allows users to experiment with a variety of sound effects and pedal-like options without actually having to invest in one.

For a casual guitar player, this is huge since we all know the costs associated with buying pedals isn’t the cheapest. However, this app does have one downside: it requires you to purchase the iRig UA.

6. Real Free Guitar

This great app is available for players that use Android and Apple devices and it will change the way you play when you can’t, well, play.

Real Free Guitar is a next level guitar simulator that allows users to strum, pluck, and practice chord placement from the comfort of your smart device. Instead of wondering how you will get your practice in during travel or even the work day, now you know.

7. Gibson Learn & Master Guitar

Coming to you from the legendary Gibson guitar brand, the Gibson Learn & Master Guitar app lets Andriod device users benefit from their expert-level knowledge of guitar playing and techniques.

This app is the complete bundle, it gives you the option to tune your guitar using a great interface as well as the options of using a metronome or checking out their master lessons.

The only downside to this free app is the fact that it is not yet available for Apple users, with no work on whether or not this is in the works.

8. iShred

This Apple-only app lets users enhance their recordings through the use of different effects and distortions to transform your recordings into professional sounding clips. With this app, simple samples that you’ve recording can also be shared through Airplay to let all of your friends have a listen.

9. Songsterr Tabs & Chords

Songsterr is an app that gives you the ability to learn and play along to songs in real time and gives you the ability to slow down songs without losing the sound quality during those times where you need a few extra seconds to get something just right.This app is available for both Andriod and Apple device users.

This app is available for both Andriod and Apple device users.

10. Youtube

Youtube may seem like an obvious yet surprising selection for our #10 must have app for guitar users, but hear us out. In this day and age, Youtube is the biggest repository of free content available, with over a billion users watching or uploading content.

As a guitar player, free is always good as is having a variety of content and approaches to learn from.

While you may be in the process of learning how to fingerpick to incorporate some of these techniques into your metal band, it is a tricky process. One video you find on youtube may not break it down enough for you, which is why that diversity of content is incredible. You will always be able to find what you need –sometimes from your favorite band members!– with a quick youtube search, which is why it has to be included on our list.

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October 26th, 2016

The Ultimate DIY Custom Guitar Tutorial

Whether you play for fun or professionally, you want a guitar that represents you. But face it, a new and custom guitar is expensive. If you want that custom guitar of your dreams, you have to embrace your DIY side.

Doing your own guitar customization and personalization can save you anywhere from $200 to even a grand! Therefore, you can change your guitar’s look more often and style it up for different gigs, music videos, and photo shoots.

And you don’t have to be naturally crafty to make a cool custom guitar.

If you’re completely new to DIY, you’ve come to the right place. DIY guitar customization is easy to learn, and even the simplest tricks can take your guitar from boring to eye-catching.

So let’s break down the DIY custom guitar tips you have to know.

Come Up With A Custom Guitar Plan

If you want to do a great customization job on your own, you need to have a plan. Your guitar is your baby and winging it could be a huge mistake.

First, think about the overall look you want for your custom guitar. Ask yourself these questions while you brainstorm:

  • What color schemes appeal to me?
  • What mood am I going for?
  • What visuals inspire me? (Galaxies, mountain ranges, events, etc.)
  • What theme do I want to capture?

You don’t want to overwhelm your custom guitar with too much design and accouterments. That’s why it’s just as important to edit.

The following tools are extremely helpful for nailing down that final design:

  • Color Wheel: Use a color wheel to learn which colors go best with one another, otherwise known as supplementary and complementary colors.
  • Beginning drawing and painting books: Beginning art books can teach you basic techniques for composition.
  • Stencils: Stencils are great if you have difficulty drawing precise shapes.
  • Sketchpads and tracing vellum: Draw out your ideas first before customizing. Use tracing vellum to create more accurate designs.
  • Colored pencils: Use colored pencils to test out your color choices first.
  • Magazines and image libraries: Looking for inspiration to strike? Research magazines and online image libraries to inspire creative ideas.

Soup Up Your Custom Guitar Body with Stickers

Sick of looking at that plain guitar body?

Fortunately, this is one of the easiest remedies in the book. Adding special stickers and decals can completely change the style of your guitar. Moreover, they’re designed to mimic the look of real inlay work!

If you want to a space-age guitar, for example, add constellation decals to your body and star stickers to your fretboard. Likewise, leafy inlay and fretboard stickers would make for an eye-popping environmental design.

There are even simple decals that mimic the look of classic, all natural wood guitars. Basically, if you have an idea, there’s a good chance there’s a sticker for that.

Removable stickers and decals are especially helpful for children’s music teachers, wedding singers, birthday acts, and anyone else who needs to frequently change the look of their guitar.

Feeling Bold? Use Sharpies and Stencils

If you cringe at the word “sharpie” then you may want to look away for this one. However, one of the best ways to capture that tattooed look is with sharpies and stencils.

Most importantly, you can create a more personal, “lived in” look with sharpies. You tell stories as a musician, and a custom guitar covered in doodles is a story in itself.

To nail down a cool doodled look, practice your doodles on a separate piece of paper first. Free draw any symbols, letters, words, or iconography that strikes you. You can also use tracing paper and magazines to collect more images.

You could also design a large graphic to sharpie onto your guitar instead. For this technique, you’ll want to draw a pencil outline on the guitar first. You can’t afford to make any mistakes with a sharpie in hand.

Don’t forget that sharpies come in different colors, not just classic black, so have at it!

Upgrade Your Tuners

Don’t let this tip slip through the cracks.

Just the simplest turner upgrade can make a world of difference. Consider these designs for your custom guitar:

  • Multi-colored metallic tuners: These are great for adding a simple splash of color.
  • Antique brass tuners: Perfect for creating a classic, sophisticated look.
  • Skull and crossbones tuners: Ideal for metal bands and goth shows.
  • Owl tuners: These guys really stand out, and perfect for young beginners.
  • Steampunk style: Add metal engraved tuners to give your guitar a subtle steampunk touch.

You can also clip on digital tuners to fine-tune your sound with even more accuracy.

Re-Design Your Guitar Straps & Other Accessories

Your guitar strap is one of the easiest elements you can change.

You can run out to the mall, but you need a wide selection to choose from.

Instead, more musicians and hobby players are opting to personalize their own guitar straps online using their own unique designs. Bands and small production companies, for example, can print their original logos on their straps, making online personalization a quick and cheap self-marketing tool.

With a new guitar strap in tow, you may want to consider these tiny but important details:

  • Tye a classic bandana around the nut of your guitar to nail down that vintage look.
  • Add new bindings to your electric guitar to freshen it up. Bindings come in a large selection of colors, swirls, marbleization.
  • Change out your guitar strings. Guitar strings come in different colors, glow in the dark, and metallics.
  • Switch out your bridge pins. Bridge pins come in classic abalone, brass, and ebony.
  • Add new pick up covers. This is a clever DIY tip for Stratocaster owners. Shake up your pick up covers with new or alternating colors.
  • Change out your knobs. Knobs are easy to replace, plus, you can find them in brass, shell, semi-precious stone, and more materials.

Think your guitar is finally ready for that makeover?

Remember that a little goes a long way with DIY. Come up with a customization plan for your guitar and use these tips to craft a totally unique look for your custom guitar.

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September 27th, 2016

Custom Guitar Straps (and Other Great Gifts for Guitarists)

Does somebody you love like to shred?

What do you get these people for birthdays, or at Christmas, or any other time you’re looking for a special gift?

Guitar players are usually relatively easy to buy for. There are a lot of helpful little gadgets (like custom guitar straps) and accessories that really make a difference for someone who’s using their guitar a lot, whether they’re playing gigs or just jamming for fun.

Here are some of the best guitar gifts to get a musician who really loves their axe.

Digital Gear

One easy guitar gift is an electronic digital tuner that attaches to the headstock of the guitar. With one of these small gadgets, there’s no guesswork in figuring out whether you have a true A, E or D.

The tuner helps a guitarist to adjust to a group’s sound and saves a lot of time when it’s most valuable – when it’s time to tune up for a performance.

Another great idea is a smartphone holder that goes onto the guitar the same way. With so many of today’s musical resources online, from chords and sheet music to lyrics and tablature, having the ability to hold the smartphone up where you can see it without using your hands is really going to be an advantage.

Pick Makers, Pick Cases

Other great gifts for guitarists revolve around the pick, a small piece of plastic that is absolutely necessary for some kind of playing. Guitarists who are into specific genres might buy different kinds of custom picks, such as curved fingerpicking models.

When it comes to gifts, you can buy a set of picks or a case for picks to be kept in when they’re not in use. You can also buy a pick maker, which allows the guitar player to simply punch out customized picks out of sheets of plastic — for example, an old credit card that’s been retired.

Pickups and Traveling Amps

Other unique gifts for guitar players can provide better sound and make it more portable.

A pickup makes any acoustic guitar into an electric guitar that sends sound through cables to an amplifier. A travel amp can give the guitar player a hands-free experience for cranking out tunes anywhere that he or she is not connected to a full sound setup.

The small amps take batteries and are really nice tools for versatility on the road.

Guitar Holders

Most guitar players have cases, but a small forked guitar holder helps to keep guitars out of the way when they are not in use. Over time, for somebody who really uses the guitar, this small accessory can really help to prevent dings and dents and other kinds of wear.


A capo is a small accessory that allows guitar players to play in different keys.

It’s not big or expensive because it doesn’t have any digital components. It’s simply a specialized kind of clamp that goes onto the fretboard.

However, any guitar player who knows his or her music theory can tell you that a capo is very useful when it’s time to put a song into a different key. Whether you’re trying to match a vocalist’s range, or change keys in order to read sheet music, the capo really provides the quick versatility that you need. That’s why this is another excellent small gift for a musician.


Many guitar players who like the electric sound are really into effects pedals.

Unlike many of the above options, these aren’t small or cheap gifts. You might have to pay $200 or more for a pedal, because of its complex electronic design. Pedals plug into an amplifier to provide different kinds of sounds, from simple gain or ‘crunchiness’ to reverb, sustain or delayed — where for example, a delay pedals help guitarists to re-create the kinds of sounds you hear in the signature work of bands like Pink Floyd and U2.

A pedal can be a great way to allow a guitar player more freedom to play around with sound and perfect a signature guitar style.

Custom Guitar Straps

A custom guitar strap is an excellent gift choice for nearly any guitarist.

Without the guitar strap, most guitars are pretty awkward to play.

You have to be sitting down in a chair, or standing with your legs up on a chair balancing the guitar on your leg, or holding an acoustic guitar close to your body while you pick.

It’s really not optimal — and as soon as the guitar player tries to stand up, he or she realizes that it’s time to get a quality custom guitar strap that can be adjusted to just the right length.

Get a custom guitar strap to give your guitar player not only the freedom to play comfortably, but the option to play in style. Customized decorative guitar straps are valuable to players in many colors and patterns, and they’re a great choice for Christmas or any time of year.

Decorative Stuff

There is almost literally no end to the amount of decorative gear that you can get a guitarist, which can make gift shopping even easier.

Of course, none of this stuff really relates to guitar play in a practical sense — unlike all of the gear mentioned above, these are not things that someone will really use while he or she is playing. That doesn’t mean your guitar player won’t love it, though.

You can get guitar shaped clocks, skillets, or drink stirrers. You can get various types of home furnishings and cases and holders for mobile devices. All of this stuff will make the musician’s home look like an A&R rep lives there – which just might be the way they want to live!

One person’s collectibles are another’s clutter, but lots of guitar players like to adorn their living spaces with some kind of decorative tell-tale sign that they are into music.

Think about any of these attractive gifts for guitar players when it’s time to go out and shop for someone who is pretty good on the strings.

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November 19th, 2015

Incredible polyester color! Check these guitar straps out..

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Sublimated Polyester Guitar Straps


Just wanted to share this customers custom guitar strap art. This demonstrates our full color printing capabilities very well. Check out the color on these custom sublimated polyester guitar straps. We recently upgraded out sublimation printers with a new RIP software and our production is getting incredible results with the closest color match we have ever scene! These straps the customer actually provided us with high-res version of his art so if you are a designer and would like to send us your art directly, feel free to email us!

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August 27th, 2015

Cloverdayle’s guitarist and songwriter Chad Hamar custom leather guitar strap

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Cloverdayle’s guitarist and songwriter Chad Hamar still is rocking his custom leather guitar strap from 2011. Cloverdayle is an Oregon based country music band that has built quite a reputation for themselves with hard work and determination. We are proud to see them grow and continue to create great music and put on awesome performances.


You can check out more of Cloverdayle at:

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October 21st, 2014

StrapGraphics Custom Camera Straps, Start your custom design now!

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Check out our new line up of leather camera straps!

Check out the new camera strap line up!

Choose from 1.5 and 2 inch widths, fully adjustable up to 60 inches in length for maximum comfort. Soft suede back, full integrated color graphics.

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September 1st, 2014

Rock And Roll With Amazing Leather Guitar Straps

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Rock And Roll With Amazing Leather Guitar Straps

There seems to be an increase in the number of people who are playing the guitar. A guitar can give you an amazing experience when you’re playing. If you want to meet exciting people and explore the different music possibilities, you have to grab hold of an opportunity to play a guitar. There are several genres of music that we hear on a daily basis, and all of the genre will depend on a guitar in some kind of way. Since the guitar is so popular, there is plenty of guitar accessories to benefit those who play the instrument.

leather guitar strap

If you choose to play the guitar while you are standing, it can be very difficult to do this when you do not have a guitar strap. When you play standing up for the first time, it may be a little tricky. A guitar strap can make a significant difference in how comfortable you feel while playing. Leather guitar straps are one of the popular choices of straps among guitar player. Leather is a durable and strong material. When you are playing the guitar, you will want something that can help improve your ability to play. A great way to give a more exciting show is to stand up while you’re rocking out. 

Also, leather guitar straps come in a variety of styles since they are a popular accessory for guitars. If you want your own custom leather guitar strap, you can rock and roll with confidence and desire. You might even feel the urge to actively move around the stage, perhaps jumping and down while you’re rocking?

We know you probably want to make your own fashion statement so you can show your character and personality. When you have a custom leather guitar strap, you can present yourself as a unique person who has a special light. When you want to make a name for yourself in the music industry, you can’t be afraid to show who you really are while you are performing. Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters uses a leather guitar strap, and it certainly shows the kind of personality and character he has.  

Contact us if you are ready to rock out with an awesome leather guitar strap. 

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August 28th, 2014

Girls and Guitar Straps

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Girls and Guitar Straps

Being a girl guitar player doesn’t mean that you can’t hit a lick and cut heads with the best of them. Just look at Gibson’s list of The Top 10 Female Guitar Players of All Time and you’ll have all the inspiration you need. When you play your guitar, it’s important that you have a reliable guitar strap so you can concentrate on your playing and nothing else. Guitar straps from StrapGraphics are dependable and they look killer.

Choose from the many awesome guitar straps available at StrapGraphics including illustrator Ed Hepp designed straps, burlap, patent leather and buffalo plaid straps. If you prefer, you can design and customize your own strap right on their website.

guitar strap

The first step is choosing either a polyester strap or a leather strap. Next, select the color of your personalized guitar strap. To embrace your feminine side, you may want to choose a pink guitar strap. If you’re an outdoor girl, a camo guitar strap may be more your style.

Design options include adding your own image, choosing an image from their library or both. You also have the option of adding text. Add your name, your band’s name, or the name of your favorite song to your strap. It’s totally up to you, because you have the power to design your own one of a kind killer guitar strap. The simple to use online designer tool allows you to position your image and text anywhere on the strap and you’ll be able to preview your awesome creation before you buy.

All of the StrapGraphics guitar straps are proudly made in Oregon, U.S.A.

Gift certificates are available for purchase if you’d like to give the gift of a personalized guitar strap to another awesome guitar player.

If you have any questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

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